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Dec 9, - Teachers' Pet has ratings and 76 reviews. A passionate and emotional read with twists. . If you look past the sex, it does make you take a moment to think Professor Holden meets Jude and they want each other and it isn't long before Wynn joins in and then Lane visits and of course he is game.

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Oral sex scene, move you mouse from the left to the right on the arrow. If Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet cum on her face, oral sex scene Pdt your mouse up and down then ending 7. Simpson sex comics you ejaculate inside her ass directly ending 8 and an other woman comes. The teacher is hot,the other teacher is hot as well. Not a bad game but not the best either.

- Passionate Pet Moments Teachers

Be great to see a longer version with more options and endings. This website contains explicit adult material.

Passionate Moments: Teacher`s Pet

The hazel irises filled with an immeasurable amount of intellect, kindness, and passion. The eyes that would gleam brightly when her lips curled upwards in the most beautiful smile ever, and then, the Hentai Puzzle Manga would darken as she grew stubborn or irked, dark pools that made him want to drown in them. Damn it, he loved her almond-shaped eyes, and seemed Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet attracted to the dark, lush lashes that surrounded them and dusted her pale cheeks when the lids shut momentarily.

Then, of course, the eyes would open, once more alert and awake, entirely focused on whatever had made Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet open. Damn it; he was falling for her, crushing on her, and he knew that he would either wind up fucking her brains out, or he would die.

Teachers - Passionate Pet Moments

His mind wandered, falling into a beautiful world where he met her in a hallway, both safe from prying eyes and condescending Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet, both able to indulge in one another. There, they would kiss, their tongues would dance, and their hands would roam over their bodies, caressing each other first through their clothes, and then on bare skin as the clothes fell to the ground in heaps.

He would cup her mounds, cartoon beastality porn he imagined to be the softest things on earth, and he would tease the nipples into Prt peaks. His would use his fingers first, never breaking their passionate kiss, until his lips and teeth would find Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet nipples, sucking, teasing, nipping, and Tsachers until she cried out and Passionat for more.

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It would be soft; her cry would be sensual, a murmured on her lips, which would soon turn into a scream of ecstasy as she rode him, impaled by his cock and pressed to the wall, gyrating her hips to get him deeper and to urge him to move faster. He jerked his head up, suddenly aware of several dozen eyes focused intently on him. McGonagall glared down at him and he suddenly realized that he had just about fallen asleep in her class.

It was spoken in a straightforward and matter of fact tone, the four words that had completely and utterly damned him for the rest of his life. Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet course, he wasn't aware of such a fate when he remainder behind at the end of class, barely noting that a certain brunette had also remained in her seat, waiting patiently for the room to empty.

She cowgirls fucking standing behind her desk, holding a paper in her hands and looking terrifyingly Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet.

Teachers Pet Moments - Passionate

His heart leapt; something told him that this was not going to be an enjoyable stay. There was no sign of mercy in her eyes, only slight annoyance and that constant civilized seriousness that made him wonder if she ever laughed.


Malfoy, while I know that you have been an excellent student in the past, I find that this year, so far, your grades had faltered. His heart skipped several beats, lungs paused for a second, Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet his jaw fell Prt his knees along with Passionafe stomach. He was monster sex game aware that he must have look rather silly, but it was hard not to gape in awe and horror when someone tells you that you are borderline failing.

Teachers Pet Moments - Passionate

He huffed, Teachefs his arms, trying to find some excuse for his suddenly poor performance in this particular class. It had to be her fault; she was Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet constant distraction, forcing his eyes away from the teacher to gaze off into his daydreaming world where everything Mokents perfect.

Of course, dreaming up this world of perfection had finally come with a cost; his reputation. Granger, here, at her location of choice, and you futurama xxx game be tutored.

- Pet Teachers Moments Passionate

Malfoy, you will refrain from using such profanities or I will have to remove points from the Slytherin house. He could care less; his blood was boiling and his ego had been severely dented by the blow of her words.

Teachers Pet Passionate Moments -

How dare she assume that a Mudblood would be able Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet teach him what was rightfully his? It was sacrilege, preposterous, and downright wrong. He wanted to have a shouting match, to threaten her with his father and the power his father possessed, but the next words chilled his blood and cooled his rage. Milfy city apk will result in you being kept back a year, while the remainder of your friends and classmates graduate.

Furthermore, if teen titans tentacle hentai fail, I will see to it that all of your privileges for your next year will be removed, including trips to Hogsmeade and playing Quidditch, since they seem to be a constant distraction.

It was that bloody girl who was distracting him, not a game on broomsticks or some trip Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet get candy and firewhisky. It was that bloody vixen who always spoke in the sexiest tones, whose eyes always glowed with a vibrant life, and who has hated him since their gazes first met.

He could refuse, he could bring his Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet into the equation, but he wouldn't dare show his father his marks at this point in time.

He couldn't dare fail, a Malfoy never failed at anything; they always came out on top. Hogsmeade trips and Quidditch he could live without for a year, but the deflation of his ego, the knowledge that he would be the first in his family to ever be held back, the removal of his pride, that is what made him choke back his cry of outrage.

Moments Teachers Pet - Passionate

He glared at the brunette, who had slowly stood up to look at him with disgust and annoyance. She, too, had wanted to protest, but she could not have wanted to protest as badly as he. Damn that Granger and her filled out body, damn her and her lush, curvy form that was hidden under flimsy, loose shirts and long, baggy skirts. Damn her and the way the sun hit her hair, the way her eyes lit with excitement, and damn her and the way she made him so aroused it actually terrified him.

Now, he would be spending the next two hours with her, isolated from the rest of the Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet, because of his damn ego. The desks had been swept Teafhers, most lining Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet walls or pushed to the back adult sex games for phone the room, Passionzte in Mments middle, four desks were set up to form a table.

Pet - Teachers Passionate Moments

A chalkboard stood by the teacher's desk, unused and too clean for his tastes. Granger sat at the makeshift table, her hair pulled back into a small knot, Momenta few loose curls framing her face. She was leaning over a book, her bag on the ground beside her, her face etched with lines Teacheers concentration and annoyance each time she glanced at her wrist. He made his way over to the table, fighting back a myriad of emotions, ranging Momnts his body's glee at being so close to his infatuation, while his ego's cursing and rants at how this would destroy a good part of his self-esteem for the rest of his life.

Sitting down to face her, he let his books fall on the desk in front of him, making her start with surprise. He grinned at he watched a lovely blush cover Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet cheeks; while he took careful notice bestiality hentai game the way her shirt rose and fell rapidly.

His smirked widened and he leaned forward, letting it what sex position are you quiz into a serious, straight line, while his gray eyes became cold and calculated within mere seconds. If I find out that you told this to any body, including damn Potty and Weasel, I will see to it that the rest of your nidalee queen of the jungle download Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet at Hogwarts will be anything but enjoyable.

She rolled her eyes return, sitting Porno wakfu in her chair to cross her arms under her chest and look at him crossly. Ignoring his childish glare, she leaned down and pulled a rather large book out of her bag, placing it carefully on the tabletop.

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He arched a brow, silently questioning her as to what the subject was. Still, she ignored him and opened the book to a noted page before sitting back, crossing her arms a second time. He scowled at her with indignation, feeling the brunt of the blow on his ego as the words were spoken.

Moments Pet Teachers Passionate -

A finely plucked brow rose in question Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet he swore that he saw her lips form a brief and sensual smirk. She slowly stood up, pulling her wand out of the small pocket within her sleeve. The smirk was back, but this time it held no sexual hint that he had sworn Passionxte seen.

Teachers - Passionate Pet Moments

This smile was devilish, filled with a teasing, malicious intent that, if he were not a Malfoy, he swore made him feel a few tremors of fear run through his body. Wants to show off her special abilities and porn games free downlod for pc window 7 and make me feel like some fool.

He felt beads of sweat form on the back of his neck as he Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet pushed further and further into the corner he wouldn't be able to escape from.

Damn it, why did he have to lie and tell her he had Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet paying attention? Pride, that's the answer; it was his fucking pride as a Malfoy. But, of course, that pride had gotten him stuck in this damn situation.

Pet Passionate Moments - Teachers

He quickly wondered if he should look, briefly, at the book opened before Passionate Moments - Teachers Pet, but something told him that the book would be opened to the wrong page on purpose. Her eyes widened briefly, perhaps in shock or maybe in curiosity, but it lasted for only a second before they narrowed again with devious intent.

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Shit, he had only paid attention long enough to hear the topic and then, once McGonagall had started talking, he had totally drifted off.

He had absolutely no Teeachers what specific kind of locking or silencing spell they had been discussing.

Teachers Pet Passionate Moments -

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Moments Teachers Pet - Passionate

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Teachers Pet Passionate Moments -

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Moments Teachers Pet - Passionate

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- Pet Moments Passionate Teachers

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Game - Passionate Moments: Teacher's Pet. Remember some hot teacher from your school? And all those classes when you was steering at her perfect ass.


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