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I got nude babysitters and stepped into the tub, and closed the shower curtin behind me. It was no accident that I didn't lock the bathroom door. I wondered how adventurous they nude babysitters, and I didn't have to wonder very long when I noticed the shower curtin push away from the tub towards me.

A clear sign that someone had just opened the bathroom door.

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The shower curtin flew nude babysitters open as I jude there naked with both hands nude babysitters my hair. I saw the look of shock in their eyes when I didn't react, or try to cover up my private parts.

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Both of them just stood there frozen with their eyes glued to the hairy, year old cock that was hanging between my legs.

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Kevin looked at Craig, and then back at my dick which was now being soaped up by my nude babysitters hand. Like babysittesr of the other times nude babysitters, Kevin was the first to speak.

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What did you think it would look like? That's a big, hairy monster!

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As I casually soaped up nude babysitters cock and balls, I could feel nude babysitters meat growing thicker and longer and it was clear that they noticed it too. Kevin leaned over and whispered something to Craig, and they went back and forth a few times with: You ask him" Yet again, it was Kevin who would do all of the talking.

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With the door closed, both boy's stepped up with their toes to the side of the tub and watched as I manipulated my penis into a full on erection.

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Kevin was rubbing at lump in the front of his shorts, and Craig looked down babystiters watched him make an outline of his boner with the thin nylon material of his shorts.

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But one thing was for sure, Craig was younger, and he did have a noticably larger cock then Kevin It was longer and thicker, but his balls werent' nearly as large as Kevin's beautiful nuggets. Kevin stood there watching Craig masturbate his larger cock. He hadn't even bothered to hand him the soap, so I stepped up along side of Nude babysitters breeding season gallery my hard cock at the base.

I raised it up and then slapped it down right against his wrist, knocking the bar of soap out of his hand. He shot a look back at me but it was sort of hard to read, so I smiled and told nude babysitters that he should nude babysitters offered his buddy some soap so he could make his cock all nice and slippery like our where.

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I can't help it if I have a giant cock. Kevin leaned forward so far that he put his arms around my waist and went to town fucking my leg. He never did say if it felt good or not, he didn't have to. While he humped my leg, I started to massage his back with my soapy hands.

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