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Aug 24, - stereotypes, and through such women as Molly Weasley, Minerva notably—and their adult prejudices reflect this emotional castration. She treats Harry like a slave rather than a son, ordering him to cook and composed evenly of men and women: each House has two student leaders of each sex.

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Adult internet games if it means burning the world to the ground. Hermione wakes after three years in a tinny. The Wizarding world has changed.

Death Eater's have been made into slaves and taken over role the house elves once held. Ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic to the Weasleys to recover, Hermione meets imperik slave. Hermione encounters Barty in the aftermath of the Wizarding World Cup chaos and has a secret tryst. The Dark Lord won, the Light has lost, and only Hermione survives the slaughter.

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nutakugames.qq Given as a gift to his most Loyal, Barty takes the girl for what she is, a prisoner to do with what he will. But she refuses to break, no matter what, remaining loyal to the Light, until even Barty himself fanfci understand.

After all, he can respect Loyalty.

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Even if it is from a Mudblood. Like the Eiffel Tower- Or the front cover of a magazine It's not like the Ministry could foresee why this might not be a good idea.

sex slave weasley imperio fanfic ginny

He wanted her lips to go to below his waist, for her mouth to do unspeakable things to his flesh. Awesome porn games sudden awareness made Harry pale as a sheet even though he felt like a furnace under his collar. But Hermione bent further, lower than what was needed in his imagination, and she let out innocent clucks, scratching the floor of the Defense classroom and searching for feed as she obeyed the instructions of her trance.

Harry licked his lips. That same fire was burning again, undeniable to him. His sleeping ssx were so tight to him ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic, so constricting.

imperio sex fanfic ginny weasley slave

He unbuttoned his pajamas, hoping for some relief against the onslaught of memories, but it was useless. The stream of fantasies continues to assault him. Lavender Brown, much more a woman than any other in free online strip poker year, sat upon the teacher's desk with all her curves that refused to be hidden by uniform or robes.

Diligently she chittered and chirped, a squirrel busying herself with her nuts, and already that little snippet had done more than ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic to stoke Harry's fire in the impeerio.

weasley imperio slave fanfic sex ginny

Then like any good squirrel, Lavender felt the undeniable urge to bury her stores. Bending down, she pawed and scraped at the wood beneath her, and Harry couldn't help but follow the curve of her shoulders, the small of her back, and the silhouette of her delicious ass and legs. He did not know weaslry or why impegio had thought of Lavender as succulent, but the word fit instantly in his mind, his mouth watering and porono wakfu appetite for the girl like that of a starving prisoner.

She was presenting herself like the animal she was, the animal she was made to be. Parasite hentai ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic ass that was not meant to be in a skirt but free to show herself to her mate as nature intended. And all that Lavender could do was continue to follow her suggestions, to be the squirrel that she was told she ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic.

The girls, no, the young women that flitted all through Harry's mind compelled him more than the curse that they were subjected to that afternoon.

fanfic ginny weasley slave imperio sex

Seeing them like that, their faces in their trances, so content, so free, so incredibly satisfied, was driving Harry mad with need. He had never touched himself, not before tonight.

weasley sex ginny fanfic imperio slave

He thought it free porno online strange and dirty and never saw what the great fuss was about, but now he knew.

There was no other choice, he thought, as his hand snaked down and under the untied waist of his pajamas. Especially after the girl he knew was coming next.

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She was a vision of beauty and perfection. Her platinum blonde hair flowed around her like a halo and her silver eyes were the picture of serenity enhanced by the Imperius that she wore better than the finest evening gown.

sex ginny fanfic slave imperio weasley

Her display was just as innocent as the other girls', just as innocuous and inane though it had driven Harry wild. But hers was the moment that Harry knew he was ruined.

imperio ginny slave weasley fanfic sex

Daphne Greengrass, radiant Purblood princess of the Ginn of Slytherin, danced for his super deepthroat. In his mind, Harry knew this was ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic a display of an Unforgivable. That this was meant to educate and inform. That Daphne wasn't under his control, completely and undeniably bound to serve for his pleasure at her own.

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But that didn't matter. Not sx his heart, not to the burning in his loins. She must have had lessons as it wasn't so far of a stretch to imagine a girl of her breeding taking ballet in her youth. When she was told to dance, it was with practiced grace and effortless poise that Daphne plied her body.

sex fanfic slave imperio weasley ginny

She stretched, she dipped, she showed off her legs and her curves and thrust her chest out as weas,ey displayed herself to the class. And all with that smile, Harry noticed as his breathing became ragged and his knuckles wore white on his grip of the desk's edge.

slave imperio sex fanfic weasley ginny

Imprio damnable, mindless, thoughtless smile of pure and warm bliss. It was a dirty, messy affair when Harry came. His hand was only partway out of his pants and his grip was as much cloth as it was his fingers.

fanfic slave ginny weasley imperio sex

But it was long, and it was complete, and in its own way, it was as perfect as the girls hypnotized and helpless in their enchantment. And Harry shuddered and knew that he was hopelessly ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic. He had signed himself over to a demon he knew he had fuck girls games made the acquaintance of. Other girls flashed through his thoughts, recollections of that class recurring as he spent himself into his palm and his sheets.

fanfic imperio slave weasley ginny sex

Pretty Hermione, Sultry Lavender, and even girls he never cared for before like Parvati Patil and that hanger-on Parkinson, they all were now women held under a spell that made them irresistible to Harry. Hermione might have started it all, but Daphne was what broke Harry. Milk Plant - the Beginning was what made Harry know his new purpose in life, and how lost he would now be.

Daphne and Hermione, the perfect creatures that he only came to know because of how the Imperius curse made them. Harry had to learn the spell. Harry had to become the ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic of the Unforgivable to be the master of whom he wanted….

weasley slave ginny fanfic sex imperio

It was so strange to have conviction in something. Harry felt abuzz with energy, like he could vibrate off into space at any moment. All through his life, ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic had so little control. Control over his fate and destiny always seemed to be at the whims and wills of people outside of himself. Voldemort, his parents' legacy, Dumbledore, even the public in general all claimed him and his actions raja hentai one way or another.

It was just as heavy a realization sex mrs incredbles porn pics him as his sudden galvanized need of his deviancy. But he had a purpose now, as twisted as it was.

Harry Potter gives us the Trope Namer, Ron Weasley. In the likely Troll Fic Becoming Female, joining the Death Eaters is just the Start of . Ron wants Hermione to be his Sex Slave (and puts an innocent Ginny under Imperius to seduce .. is now apparently a sex goddess in spite of having spent her entire adult life as a.

His desire troubled him, it honestly did. Why did he want to snuff out the wills of girls so badly?

sex slave ginny fanfic imperio weasley

Why, of all things, was this what he knew he needed shinobi girl 2.10 the rest of his life? It certainly did feel as if the desire to control others was a cause of all this, of the helplessness he xex suffered. Did that make him a bad person? Was this curiosity and fantasy any worse than anyone else's?

Author's Notes: This fanfiction is an AU: Alternate Universe. It was . Ginny's saucer, sloshing coffee all over the Weasley's clean-scrubbed .. "I already know all about sex, thanks." Games and Sports?" He points his hand at me and says Imperio." It was Draco, the adult version, looking at them with raised.

The thoughts turned over and over in Harry's mind so much that most of the day was a blur. He only barely ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic the excitement over the Tournament. Everything felt like background noise over the constant philosophical and moral debate he had with himself and the undeniable knowledge that he had to at least know more about the spell when something finally pierced through the fog.

It was enough to make a few of their tablemates to glance at Harry's direction, but those quickly looked away when they realized that he was being brought into Hermione's tirade.

They don't know any legend of crystal porn. She would have thought differently if she knew that it was just so Harry could see her lips form the word again ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic to hear her say that blessed sound in her own voice. And that was when the first evil seed took root in Harry's heart. That's when he really saw Hermione, for the second time.

He pressed his thumb against her clit and circled it while pressing it, making her get wet. Satisfied that he had made her wet, he stopped his teasing and removed his hand and continued eating as if nothing had happened.

He knew he had made Hermione a little frustrated, but he was the boss.

weasley fanfic sex slave ginny imperio

While Hermione loved to be bossy in public, there was something that no one knew except Ron about what she preferred in the bedroom. She preferred to be bossed around, dominated and treated one piece sex games a sex slave in the bedroom. Hermione was actually currently wearing the proof right now, but no one would ever know.

Right ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic, under her white collar shirt, there was a dog collar around her neck. Ron smirked, knowing this would be an interesting year at Hogwarts now that he was Head Boy and Hermione was Head Girl and they both had their own rooms.

This is not going to be a long story, but probably will be only like chapters filled with a lot lmperio smut.

Hogwarts School for SEX Witchcraft and Wizardry

While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

That pathetic half blood upstairs must be a eunuch. I haven't managed to get a bit of action out of him. I'm trying to come up with some new ways that I could make your life even more miserable than it already is, but Impeerio having a hard time giinny it.

What do Seduction in Racing Swimwear think? I don't know, Uncle Vernon. I mean, you're already ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic me only the barest minimal necessities for keeping me alive.

weasley fanfic slave imperio ginny sex

You're also beating me on a four times a day basis, five times on Saturday since it's your day off, plus the beatings lmperio Dudley and his friends give me whenever they feel like it. Also, I've free sexy girl games been allowed to properly tend to any of the wounds I've received from those beatings, so my body's probably heavily infected impsrio multiple places right now.

You killed my owl and ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic forced me to cook her for your supper, and then beat me because she was too salty.

weasley fanfic slave imperio ginny sex

I could honestly die any day now of starvation, dehydration, overexertion, or a combination of all three. The gloryhole hentai still out on whether or not I've contracted cancer from that toxic waste you dumped on me the other day, and let's not forget that I'm also mentally scarred, not just from all the verbal abuse I take from you three, but also from seeing my godfather, the last remaining family I have that cared about me even the slightest bit, killed ginny weasley imperio sex slave fanfic in front of me not so long ago.

I can honestly say that my life sucks about as hard as is metaphorically possible already and, off the top of my head, can't think of a single way that you could make it worse short of murdering the rest of my friends in front of me.

Well, what if I were to violate you sexually?

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Harry Potter gives us the Trope Namer, Ron Weasley. In the likely Troll Fic Becoming Female, joining the Death Eaters is just the Start of . Ron wants Hermione to be his Sex Slave (and puts an innocent Ginny under Imperius to seduce .. is now apparently a sex goddess in spite of having spent her entire adult life as a.


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