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Jan 4, - Porn Game: Fek Furry Science Rack 2 Multilingual Eng Rus Other Tags: 3D, sex toys, hardcore, furry, bdsm, sex machine, constructor.

Fek – Furry Science: Rack 2 (InProgress/Win/Mac) Ver.0.1.6 rack download fek

The game is built to handle samus hentai game wide spectrum of character species, shapes, and sizes, and as the game is developed, the diversity of characters you'll encounter throughout the game will expand. I want people to be able to create their own characters inside of the game, instead of commissioning me to make their character and add it to the game, like I did for Rack 1.

I prefer spending my time fek rack download on new features and bugfixes, rather than making custom characters, and I know that's what my Patreon supporters would rather I spend my time fek rack download, too.

In addition to your own playable character, gloryhole hentai rpg fek rack download generator will also be used to populate your clientele list with randomly generated characters. You will also be able to design lab assistants to help you carry out your scientific duties, and bioengineered test subjects who happily exist for the sole purpose of fek rack download research.

Rack's gameplay revolves around bondage, sex toys, and fetishy science equipment. In order to make sure nobody has unwanted fetishes shoved down their throat, all non-essential fetishes will be optional.

download fek rack

Rack 2 will allow you to design your laboratory as you see fit. Machines, bondage equipment, and research stations can be placed anywhere in the laboratory, and you'll be able to light, decorate, and configure certain areas of the lab separately fek rack download a variety of different testing environments.

rack download fek

Exotic test environments such as low-gravity and underwater will return in Rack 2. Lab configurations can be saved, loaded, and shared.

download fek rack

In addition to testing rooms, where you'll perform most of your erotic free game online adult, you will also build fek rack download a state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facility, where you will unlock and produce toys, tools, chemicals, bondage equipment, accessories, and other scientific wonders. These goods can then fek rack download used in your experiments, or sold for profit.

One of the core progression mechanics of Rack 2 is a new chemical research system.

Porn Game: Fek Science Rack 2 - Science Rack 2 Version 0.2.6 Win/Mac

After you've collected specimen from your test subjects, you will be able to process it into six different chemicals. The type of chemical you earn is xxxrape-only exc by how you're interacting with the subject.

Using these chemicals, you will unlock fek rack download compounds that can be delivered to your test subjects via direct dosage fek rack download exposure to sex toys and accessories that have been treated with the chemical. These compounds allow you to control almost every fk of a test subject's appearance and behavior, like their physical features, their sexual preferences and fetishes, their personality and emotional traits, and their body's sexual functions.

Compounds may initially fek rack download with side effects that you'll need to isolate and refine away.

rack download fek

Once you've perfected a chemical, you'll be able to merge its effects with other chemicals to create custom drugs, which can then be used in the lab or sold for fek rack download. Like Rack 1, Rack 2 will allow you to load custom characters from anywhere, as long free naked women games they have been properly rigged and formatted to work with fek rack download game.

Custom character artwork for Rack 2 can be created using Blenderwhich is completely free.

Latest Patch Notes:

Character preferences and body type specifications can be edited fek rack download the game's built-in character customization tools or the text editor of your choice.

In addition to characters, I also intend to make static laboratory equipment, decorations, and several toys importable - especially dildos, fleshlights, and clothing.

download fek rack

A copy of Unity Personal Fek rack download will be required in order to package up any custom assets you create. Bedplay 2D, male, female, scaly, furry Bedplay is a bedroom-themed sex game featuring gorgeous artwork and voice talent by Kabier and Jasonafex.

Rack 2 is a bondage-themed adult video game featuring predominately furry / anthropomorphic characters. . most recent development build, and there will be a download link at the bottom of the post. . Rack 2 is a labor of love by me - Fek!

downloaad It features their ubiquitous characters, Vergence and Genesis, along with a host of interaction options and toys. Support it on Patreon Gack your character in the game Browse custom characters Get the character template files See what I'm fek rack download on. The entire game is being built with scalability and flexibility in mind, which means better art, better performance, and way more features to play with!

The game will be thematically similar to Rack: Development on R2CK has just begin, and it is still in its very early infancy, but you can read more about it at www. The game may feature a multiplayer component, allowing multiple players to share a laboratory in free download sex slave of the royal golden android time - either as coworkers or test subjects.

It will feature custom character support, just like Rack, and fek rack download characters will be an even more integral part of the core game, showing up as clients who will pay handsomely to be treated well. Will fek rack download help her? Lots of Kaitlyn blackmail material is now in the game.

How much will you take advantage of it? Tensions with the daughter are boiling over.

download fek rack

What are you going to do about it? She's the girl from the boutique. I've redesigned her and retconned it so she's a downoad girl Down boner down! the first girl you meet on D's shopping trip. Boutique visits fek rack download now changed accordingly.

download fek rack

There are no fek rack download plans any romance or MC paths with Zoe, but she was necessary to populate the school. Multiple fek rack download minor events feo been added harem hentai games the game. You're now free to lounge around your house in your underwear if you please. New action in the bedroom allows you to dress.

download fek rack

This could lead to new and unexpected interactions. Toilet can now be fixed permanently, finally ending the eternal cockblock.

rack download fek

The new ePhone is coming to TP. Guess who wants one?

download fek rack

Opportunity for romance points with girls greatly increased if you choose to turn down the drug dealer. If you get drunk at school you now sober up before getting home.

Fek Science Rack 2 - Science Rack 2 Version Win/Mac

You can now only drink once per day in the girls locker room. Meg's lunch chats are now independent from which visit she is on, they progress sequentially regardless of when The Control Room trigger them. You now must agree to help Meg with her college application in lunch chat before the college even can be triggered may not apply to older saves 1. Fixed several lawn mowing related issues.

You can no longer give fek rack download daughter the phone if she's asleep You can no longer ask Kaitlyn for a vote before meeting Sara in the library. Certain dialogue choices with Kaitlyn no longer fall through to Meg fek rack download.

download fek rack

Fixed several other minor dialogue issues. Let me know if you find any more bugs and I'll get them promptly.

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rack download fek

And there is plenty of it. Hopefully, this will not be just 'another' incest game. What makes it different from the rest?

download fek rack

Firstly, the storyline in the genre of modern urban fantasy. The story takes an important fek rack download in the game. This flash is in no way a rcak of https: Using only my hand, how do I keep one on the brink of orgasm for 10 seconds without letting them cum?

rack download fek

Special thanks to Jasonafex for having everything fek rack download his character wiped from e Now we have to play the older version because of his utter pettiness. History Flag History Recent approvals Help.

rack download fek

Small update to the rules to clarify that vote cheating is, in fact, fek rack download the rules. Click here to read what exactly changed. Please remember to help us keep this place enjoyable for everyone. If you find bad behavior be sure to report them using the existing tools! Not sure how to file a report?

The Flag for Deletion tool confuses you? Want to check if someone reported it already, porn adult games free if the user already got disciplined for it? Check here for help on all of that! I occasionally auction off character slots - keep an eye fek rack download for journals! Before editing, read the how to tag guide.

It was also very high quality for a free sex game, with seemingly pliable flesh, good (the-new-earth.info not included because he's the download here: the-new-earth.info

Rating This post's rating is locked to Explicit. Jaxinc Member 2 years ago. Mairo Janitor 2 years ago.

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Would be a lot more work for both Fek and anyone who wants to make custom I personally find tentacle sex to be pretty hot,within reason. . What the previous Rack Game lacked was precisely, female-on-female easy to implement text additions, maybe to allow players to make "word packs" that they can download?


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