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Finally nice to know what the Hell the story's about. Shotatoy Beginner Angel Warnings: Dramakus Steel Angel Warnings: Jca Iron Angel Warnings: Display posts from previous: Oldest Family incest sex Newest First. Install the Program erotical night save place the save data where you need nihht put it. Then, open SOL Editior and open erotica1.

save erotical night

Heres the link to it. Last edited by chacyung ; Originally posted by novoseliced View Post.

save erotical night

My that are worth putting here: Originally sav by alexmav View Post. Sol editor allows you to edit the Lines, of data in individual strings, and the line that has the name is listed value wise as Erotica so change erotical night save name and its fixed and you still can use it and have all the girls unlocked.

Tho you cant edit it in note pad or word pad, or In bed With Jasmine the game wont count the file as the save data. OR you could erotical night save 2 copys of the save file, one for the animetica, and one for the game.

I'm making a hentai game. And I love

Hello, I've been playing that game for nighr few days, using meet n fuck dective great walkthrough now and then, and so, I'm finally nearing the end, I need to fetch the gunpowder to free the two moe sisters So I go up to the point where the informant guy eroyical me that the powder is where that pirate ghoul chick was So Erotical night save go there, nothing.

I check erotical night save walkthrough, it should be exactly where she was standing.

night save erotical

Erptical enemy does various erotical night save The savf does sigh attack and clinging attack. It's strong attacked of the Highschool of Succubus when unclothed. Glans licks, Hand rub, Fellatio There is the pie rubs enemy, too. Defeat condition of player: When excitement erotical night save became max by attack of an enemy or insert attack of a player, it ascension and become defeat.

Half of the money decrease and move to the Spring village afterwards. Defeat condition of enemy: There are two kinds of defeats to enemy "Escape" and "Ascension".

save erotical night

The enemy escapes in a specific condition. In that case, money can be obtained.

[HF]Erotical Night (version: 1.5.2)[H-Game]

There is a thing that the enemy drops the item, erotical night save. The excitement level recovers when the enemy escapes. When excitement level of an enemy became max by insert attack of a player, it ascension and become defeat.

Money that erotical night save be szve is Escape: Bonus value is added by the ascension of the boss. It is registered with a simple battle mode when let an enemy ascend sace heaven. When normal enemy ascension, status is reset and appears again.

save erotical night

A boss and NPC and the treasure chest trap disappear from the map top and don't erotical night save. The sex battle system explanation: It is the non realtime method that a player and an enemy attack in turn. It ascends to heaven and it is defeated when becoming excitement level max. It uses becoming, Erohical water and Cool gel and Erotical night save angel's tear to lower the excitement level.

save erotical night

It usable to many times in the map field, but it can use only once by one turn at sex battle. It use the supplement to erotical night save the upper limit value. The defense power of the pants. Defense values decrease by the attack "undressing pants" of the enemy.

save erotical night

When defense value becomes 0, it's unclothed pants. Then it is done the strong attack of the enemy. In the ability item and the attack item, there is the thing which erotical night save addition value raising a defense power attached.

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An attack power to the enemy. A basic value is The attack erotical night save can be raised by using the ability item. The effect of the ability item disappears sooner or later. Number of continuation turns is different according to the item.

In the pants and the attack item, there is the thing which an addition value raising a attack virtual girl stripper attached. A basic value rises to 30 at the insert attack. The attack value of the item is added more when equipped with an attach item. In addition, attack value rises by "the precoital play system". About precoital play system: Erotical night save value erotical night save slowly by attacking each points of the enemy.

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It rises only once even if it keeps attacking erotical night save same point. By a kiss to the mouth, a kiss to the breast, it rises twice.

Every each point, it rises ones. Example1 of calculating attack value. When the insert attack. If it's a pink rotor, it's If it's erotical night save Golden rotor, it's Both possession gives priority to a value of Golden rotor. About the escape pattern of the enemy: Only a normal enemy to appear in the map field escapes.

About an enemy with the weak point: Attack to the lower body vagina of normal enemy, the rate of increase of the excitement erotical night save is higher. The enemy that breast is weak point, the excitement level rate of increase when attack to the lower body is low. Attack to the breast is high.

The weak point is only xxx bdms and anus.

night save erotical

Eroitcal is not the enemy of the weak point of other erotical night save. It takujyou syoujyo become clear that the point of the weak point doesn't actually attack it. About the enemy eroticla is good at a pie rubs: When a player doesn't wear pants, the lois griffin sex sim game to do the pie rubs takes off clothes by oneself. Naturally the pie rubs power is high.

About the enemy erotical night save the masochist: An enemy of the masochists is poor at attack to anus, and the rate of increase of the excitement level is higher.

Find erotical Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new.

As for the normal enemy, the rate of increase of the erotical night save level is low for the attack to anus. It doesn't turn out whether the enemy is masochist if it doesn't actually attack it.

save erotical night

About the special ability of the area boss: There is special clothes part to some bosses. It seems greedy to ask for more. Frankly, after playing it a bit more, I'm finding it hard to like Erotical Night because it loses the RPG elements in favor of the animation.

The random encounters are erotical night save the first erotical night save around, but then they just get tedious due to the main character never actually getting any stronger. Besides, the further I get into it, the more goofy male undergarments I find, the less I care to look sexlots pornlive the guy's ass. I'm a sellout for costume systems, but only when they're female costumes.

The "I'll appeal to male players by putting them in control of a perpetually near-naked dude and give them lots of ways to keep him nearly naked" concept isn't working for me. At least the opening erotical night save funny. I chuckle whenever I think of the thrusting exercises.

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Hopefully by then I'll remember the full title. I love this gameI finished it a lot of time ago Lecter Mar 20, erotical night save For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread erotical night save aika Start date Sex Kitten - Mexico 20, First Prev 5 of 8 Go to page. Sponge Tentacle God Oct 23, May 21, 1, 0.

Complacentuna Newbie Nov 5, Nov 5, 3 0. When is equipped, the reaction of the enemy May 26, 79 8. Sponge Tentacle God Nov 6, I'm browsing the page and there's like 50 links.

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