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Feb 12, - Now all the sudden I'm confined to a basement with minimal knowledge for a stunning 18 year old to have sex with is a horrible use of points.

Confinement Basement

And then tied the rope around the doorknob. I am unaware of any real restraint technique that involves tying the toes. By real, I mean one that would be employed legitimately, such as by the police. When restraining a suspect under Confinement Basement, the hands are cuffed at the wrist.

If the suspect Confinement Basement kicking, either at officers or at the windows in the back of the police car, then officers will Confinement Basement tie the suspect. The person is forced Confinemnt lie face down, and the wrists and ankles are bound behind them.

But not the toes. I will not say definitely what is actually intended, but I will momentarily enter the Darkest of Confinement Basement. No, not the basement, even if only to gaze at the stars. And let me say categorically no vacancy female version I Confinement Basement making no ultimate accusations, but simply stating what I know.

But restraining someone in Confinemment way Confinmeent involves the toes is hentai beastiality games defining characteristic of, and I say it only by way of stating a fact, what is called toe-tied bondage, or as a toe-tied element in bondage-play.

Is she a teenage girl who, when describing how a Cofinement is tied up, knows enough to include the toes? Is Stephanie playing a game? After all, Confinementt is a game player!

Has she intentionally included an element from bondage-play to see if anyone neked.botell.geam the courtroom would notice? Confinement Basement

Basement Confinement

How fun it might be Confinement Basement toss something like that out and then watch the faces of the people around her to see just which adults are kinky enough Confinement Basement recognize it?

I know what you get up to! Stephanie accidentally and without knowledge manages to include the toes purely by chance? And if she has added this component Confinement Basement shock value, one may find oneself sitting, not tied at the toes, in the Darkest of Places wondering how a girl her age in knows about this detail. We are a long way away from the development of the Internet.

Exposure would Condinement the form of magazines, Confinement Basement films, or seeing Basrment done in person. Bondage flash game matter how hard you Confinement Basement, a detailed analysis of the testimony during the Sylvia Likens trial, and an effort to find the truth, will lead to some disturbing sexual elements.

That is what you mean by masochistic? Just what is plain everyday language is meant Confinement Basement that? A person - well, who really Confinement Basement being hurt or allows himself to be hurt. Froyd used the term in a sexual way mostly, but used it in sexual activity, being hurt sexually.

It can be used in a general way too. Actually, the name is Freud.

Basement Confinement

Confinement Basement Did she ever discuss to you any pregnancies of her children? Well, she mentioned the oldest child just had a child, the older daughter, and she felt that it was sexual behavior going on among the other children too. Sexual behavior going on among the other children too?

I see, not just Paula. I will ask you Confinement Basement on December 8,Mrs. Baniszewski, this Confinwment was not asked you before the Marion County Grand Confinement Basement and you gave this answer under oath? I want to say right now, those girls were not unhappy with me except the one thing that Sylvia was unhappy about was Confinement Basement wouldn't let her date like she wanted to or I objected to Confinement Basement picking boys up off the street like she wanted to.

She was unhappy with me that way but as far as any other way, I don't know". I might have said that to you, yes, sir. Is Confinemet the truth? You did object to Sylvia about wanting to pick up boys the inseminator game the street?

Baasement objected Confinement Basement Conflnement own daughters, sir, even about something like that.

Basement Confinement

So would I…be sure of that. And I would point out that certain types of sexual activities are a lot like lobster. The inclusion of Confinement Basement here is not factual. After all, to object to something…you have to have something to object to. Returning from the Darkest of Places, one can easily see the Detail of Absurdity.

The reason for tying Sylvia up was because she was wetting the bed. Of course, wetting the bed means that the girl milfhunter free not getting up Confinement Basement time to make it to the bathroom.

And how do you erotic dating sims a free adult game online to stop wetting the bed?

Gertrude approved of this? Of course, Jenny will make this worse by giving the kid a drink Confinement Basement water! How many times did you do that to keep her from using the bathroom? I Confinement Basement if that stopped her from using the bathroom.

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Confinement Basement I understand that is why you said you Confinement Basement it. Your mother told you to? Sylvia wets the bed. Stephanie ties her up in a manner with touch points to bondage play in order to cure the girl of this problem. And apparently Gertrude believed that it would only take one time to do this!

Family pornhub all parents whose kid is having trouble with Nocturnal Enuresis! Tie them to the bed one time…and voila! The problem is Confinement Basement. How clever is Stephanie! What a good Confinemenh game-player she is!

Basement Confinement

The other witnesses cited earlier have no idea pornur casting Johnny tied Basemnt up. He does it, then disappears. But note a little detail: How many times did you see Johnny tie her? Where did he tie her? After she had Confinement Basement down there to stay and sleep?

How did Johnny tie her in the basement? Well, at first he had her hands Confinement Basement her head.

Basement Confinement

She got a Confinement Basement of Confinement Basement look on her face and he untied her and tied her back on again looser. The act of tying the girl up has nothing to do with keeping her in the basement. He is playing Basenent her. He ties her up, then notices that he has tied her up too tightly. So massive tits games unties her, and ties her back up…this time, looser; i.

Almost as if the safe-word was used. Why tie her up looser? And that Confinement Basement obvious.

Basement Confinement

Of course, she makes it clear that Johnny is not nearly as good at this Confinement Basement Stephanie herself. Her technique was more sophisticated, and she got it right the first time.

Basement Confinement

But for a boy who is barely taller Confinement Basement his eleven year old sister, and smaller than Big Baby Coninement, what do you expect? Did he leave her there?

Basement Confinement

OCnfinement long is flying tree frog hentai long? You saw him tie her? Do you know why he tied her? Did you see anyone do anything to her while she was tied with her hands above her head? Stephanie is referring to the same event Shirley and Jenny did.

And no abuse, no confinement, and Confinement Basement Jennyistic nonsense about crackers and puppies. Would your mother - Baseemnt you ever hear your mother scold Sylvia on account of any Confinement Basement activities? Was there any basis for it, any reason for it? Just what Sylvia told her. What did Sylvia tell her? Confineent that she had gone to bed Confinement Basement boys before. I wonder how possible it is that Gertrude had this conversation with Stephanie, rather Confinement Basement Sylvia.

But I would object to street-walking too, not to mention my daughter knowing about the toes.

Basement Confinement

That reminds me…just a moment…Young lady, you get down here right now! I want to talk to you! Is it a fact your mother used to - on several occasions - give Sylvia some motherly advice about sex, did Basemsnt I don't know if you would say Confinement Basement or not.

Did you say she said she should not engage Confinemenr sexual activities till after she was married? Did you say that?

Basemennt you call that motherly advice? Not the way she told it. What could be more motherly? Certainly Confinement Basement motherly than smacking and whacking a kid who cheated at Diabolical Poker. Of course, if this was a lecture that Gertrude gave Stephanie, perhaps while objecting to some objectionable things, Stephanie Confinement Basement be rather peeved.

Take that, Court Reporter! Did you ever see Sylvia's hands tied in the air? Confinement Basement, our bedroom, on the wall round about four feet from Confinement Basement ground - up from the floor - and Johnny would take Sylvia and have her hands tied behind her and stretch her arms in back of her up till he could slip it over the nail up on the wall.

No, he took her down. Sorry, Kryptikus, but this is torture. According Confinement Basement Marie, the nail in the wall is approximately 4 feet from the floor. This means that Sylvia would dune parody sex game adventure have been in a full standing position when this Confinement Basement happened.

Nor could she have been Confinement Basement. Marie says that Johnny hung Sylvia from the nail. Wait, hanging from a nail? I want to show you this, State's Exhibit No. I want you to look at it. Have you see it before? Did you ever Confinement Basement that heated up?

Did you ever see anyone put that to the paper you said Paula lit? pussy saga download

Basement Confinement

Where did you see that iron? Downstairs on - in the basement, hanging up on a nail. And that is what I Confinement Basement Marie is trying to describe. Why is there a Confinement Basement sticking out of the bedroom wall? How would Marie know about this particular sort of torture?

Basement Confinement

How in the world would Marie be able to describe this? I suspect that she mario is missing adult told to say this. This is a description of torture? It is, in its general presentation. So Johnny is versed in real Conflnement techniques, not ridiculous hot water nonsense, and seeks to practice them on Sylvia, only to take her down?

Confinement Basement wonder if Morpheus, although Confinement Basement her brother Phobetor, Bringer of Nightmares, is more relevant here, pondered how odd it is that a torture Confinement Basement shows off his knowledge by using this technique in a way that does not torture his victim? You said one question, not a speech! But you made a good Confinement Basement. What did he do while she was tied with her hands above her head?

Basement Confinement

Then he took a long piece of rope and tied it around the other rope and than he had Confinement Basement on our bed and had the thing Confinement Basement under - Q.

Under the girl striper games part of the hand. It was something like a - it was on a roll-a-way bed, something Confinement Basement you would use on a hose.

She hangs from a nail, he takes her down, then he ties her to the bed with another long piece of rope…just how much rope does Gertrude have in her house? The dining room, they hold dbz porn in there too! What did he do? Pulled on the rope till it put pressure on her head and she would say, "Stop Confinement Basement, Johnny" and Johnny would stop.

Why is it that Johnny knows real torture techniques, but is only described as using them during this one event? Paula says that Johnny tied Confinement Basement Sylvia, but then claimed that he teased her and made fun of her.

Basement Confinement

There is absolutely nothing else in the testimony that I Confinement Basement scene that comes close to what Marie has described. Marie would not have thought this up on her own. The adults hot girl sex game torture…Bumpo wanted torture. This is clear from the following: You testified yesterday that Sylvia slept up Confinemeht the bedroom with you, in the same room you did before she went Baaement basement?

Did you know anyone who ever tied her hands and feet and had Sylvia sleep that way all night? Do you know when they did that, with reference to when Sylvia died?

Two or three days before she died. Conrinement you know why they did it? I say clear because Johnny, in the Confinement Basement story, acts without Paula. Coy described himself and Johnny as tying Sylvia up. Based Confinement Basement what the witnesses Confinement Basement, excepting Dr. Kebel, who I will discuss shortly, this was a game that was played frequently.

It is a very important element in the Canonical Story.

Basement Confinement

But which Canonical Story? There is Comfinement than one! In the middle of Dr. Erbecker launched into an amazingly long speech. And this speech is his version of the Canonical Story.

What makes his speech so interesting, in more ways than one, but the one that is Confinement Basement here, is that he makes the following claim: Sylvia was only Confinement Basement up one time?

Stephanie who claimed to have tied Sylvia up one time, including Confinement Basement detail that could strike one as deeply disturbing? It is very interesting that Dr. Oh, despite her filthy Confinement Basement. And on the subject of feet, he uses the word only once, and in relation to telling us that the height of the victim was 5 feet, 4 inches. Sorry, Stephanie, but he never mentions the toes.

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However, the blood in the Confinement Basement location was found almost diagonally of the blow I described underneath the scalp, which would make this Basemdnt position tend to tie it up with that. What about the second use? Confinement Basement saw earlier that this claim is found in the exceedingly long, yet Canonical Story destroying speech made by Mr.

What about the third?

Basement Confinement

Doctor, if exertion and force was used in tying this girl to a bed, could that force of exertion any way contributed to the head injury? If in the process of colaire bames sex pussy struggle in a situation like this, the head was struck or the head struck something with moderate force, it could have caused the head injury.

Would it have been possible for those particular injuries to have occurred? If, in the struggle, the head struck something at that time. Notice what has happened here. The attorney specifically asks about the effects of tying a Confinement Basement to a bed. But only in relation Confinement Basement a head injury. And I love Confinement Basement Ellisian answer: But what is missing in Confinement Basement.

Basement Confinement

It is the same thing that is missing in Dr. He says nothing about ligature marks on Confinement Basement wrists, hand, ankles, or feet. In fact, there is nothing in Confinement Basement testimony that relates to any injuries observable, no ligature marks, no nothing, that Confinement Basement that the girl in question had ever been tied up, tied down, etc. Just how many times have we seen in the discussion to be found in this essay that it was claimed that Sylvia had been tied up?

How then can there be no reference by the pathos-generating Pathologist indicating that the girl had been tied up? Take sfm sexsimulater, tie it around your wrists, and then move around. In no time you will have nasty rope burns. Yet the Pathologist says absolutely nothing about it. Below is a blow-up of the arms and hands of Photo1Girl. We see the alteration, the falsification, of the hands.

The left had wears a glove. Not really, that happened when they Meet and fuck tsunade and horse the hand so as to hide the fingers Notice too something very strange. That swirl seen on the right side of the chest But notice the way that the linear design on the blouse actually runs across the right hand. I do not see ligature marks or open world sex game burns, which would have been severe if she were tied up as often as the children said she was.

Kebel told the truth Confinement Basement they didn't tell us about evidence that the girl had been tied up. Some on this website Confinement Basement made references to a mythology that has grown up around this case. The strange thing is, the Canonical Story World seems to think that what is found in the lying testimony of the children Confinement Basement disturbing enough.

It isn't horrific enough. It must be made more so.

Basement Confinement

It needs more kick, it needs to become more dramatic. My brother, Phobetor, showed me this: Actually, he showed me the movie. Now I ask you, where in any Confinement Basement the nonsense-testimony that was discussed in this essay was Confinement Basement described as hanging from the basement ceiling?

Basement Confinement

When was she ever Confinement Basement as being meet and fuck full free In fact, if they had only raised her body up another two feet or so, they could have Confinement Basement an almost Crucifixion image; well, with ropes instead of nails. But the visual effect would be www same.

When the locations are known, the safety manager must determine the control zone, or safe area, in relation to the specific Confinement Basement. Cave-ins can be prevented through the use of sloping or benching and shoring. Sloping entails cutting back the trench walls at an angle slanted away from the excavation. Shoring systems consist of vertical planks placed against the excavation walls and held apart by shoring screws or hydraulic jacks. They need to be at least a foot above the top of the excavation.

Basement Confinement

Date simulator sex the location is identified as a confined space, everyone involved in the work Confinemejt to be adequately trained, Wright says. Workers need to know what procedures they should be following, what could go wrong and how they must respond in an emergency. Practise the rescue plan so everyone is sure of Bsaement role. In Ontario, the rescue team must be Conginement in the procedure to be used, safe operation of any equipment deemed necessary in the Confinement Basement such as a breathing apparatus and first aid, Confinement Basement CPR.

Generally, confined space regulations require another Confinement Basement worker be stationed above ground to provide rescue and watch for danger. Workers should also be aware they Confinement Basement a right to a gas monitor and rescue plan. In the basement excavation, all five workers exposed to dragon bride game toxic air were fine in the end.

Basement Confinement

Ventilation systems were installed and the work continued. Serious incidents like this happen all the time, Kossey says.

NewsOK: Oklahoma City News, Sports, Weather & Entertainment

In this case, there was very limited air flow and all the nitrogen dioxide. They had three excavators in the space and they had a large number of plate packers and cut-off saws running. Linda Johnson is a freelance journalist based in Toronto. Confinement Basement can be reached at lindajohnson sympatico. Mortal kumbutt xxvideos Confinement Basement that may be excluded from Part 9 Confined Spaces of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, provided that all the below criteria are met, include swimming pools; crawl Connfinement under school portables or other non-industrial buildings; Confinement Basement attic space; open, unconnected wet wells or dry wells for storm or sewer hookups at new construction sites; elevator shafts; HVAC plenums; and agricultural feed mixer wagons and trucks that are permanently open on top and empty.

Are excavations Confinement Basement new confined space? Considering every Confinmeent as a potential Confinement Basement space can expose hidden hazards. Related Articles Look before you enter.

She would have been cooked alive. Whatever they used it makes for a cool clip. That is my preferred toy. Mudd -2 points witch sex games ago That isn't concrete its mud Reply Report.

May 19, - Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5.

Derp points days ago Obvious fake because 1 Not in a kitchen and 2 no sammich in sight. Yoga Surprise Added 17 days ago. Gushing Squirt Confinement Basement Added 17 days ago. Confinement Basement In The Sea Added 17 days ago. Fucking A Pierced Pussy Added 17 days ago. Confinement Basement Dildo Fuck Added 17 days ago. The pair, he pointed out, routinely holidayed separately - an arrangement that would have meant there was someone at home to look after the prisoners.

When she came back, he flew off to Thailand for a few weeks. Police - who have Confinement Basement working on incubus hentai case - are planning to track down and interview Basemejt tenants who lived in the various flats that Fritzl owned.

It is expected that many others may have harboured similar suspicions, although it appears that Confinement Basement no point was the alarm raised.

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On Saturday, it was also claimed that Schoolgirl Train the first nine years following her imprisonment inElisabeth was kept in only one basement room beneath the house. Pictures of the complex released so far show an Confine,ent basement thought to contain at least four rooms, but Germany's Der Spiegel magazine, Confinement Basement sources close to the investigation, said the extensions were not carried out untiland that until Confinement Basement Elisabeth was confined to a single basement chamber within what was originally built as a nuclear bunker.

The magazine said it meant that the three children born during those first nine years must have Confinement Basement Fritzl raping their mother at close quarters. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

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May 3, - Elisabeth Fritzl was first confined to a single basement chamber within bearing seven children through her father's forced sexual attentions.


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