• The Whole World View

  • The 'whole world view' will reveal to you the greatest idea that man has ever had of himself. With pleasure, we are now ready to gift this to Earth:

  • Planet Earth has suffered many incarnations of life and death, exactly as the human experience, which is expressed right down to every living cell. Life forms on Earth come and go. They have a period of childhood and understanding of the world that they find themselves in; they have a period of maturity and realization of their life's gifts; and then they have a period of contraction as the life force energy weakens.
  • However, for those who are here to bring true gifts of Light to Earth, they do not suffer the same fate as the mortals that they stand by. They become greater and glow brighter with age. We revere them in death and their memory glows stronger as we come to realize what they have meant to us here on Earth. These souls are the 'Light Bearers' showing an example of true humanity and purity of their Spirit. They bring into their incarnation the Higher Light and the desire to share this with others. They give us hope that we can all change and become more loving and more forgiving human beings.

  • Those of us who aspire to live our lives more in tune with the harmony of Love would like to point out that without these remarkable humans, we are poorer as a Nation. Nelson Mandela was one such man. He transmuted his darkness into Light during his journey of incarnation. He used his time wisely, spending many hours in quiet contemplation. He gently worked to turn every ounce of revenge and violence into forgiveness. He was inspirational and divine in his outward show of love and forgiveness and in his understanding of the path of least resistance.

  • There have been many examples of the human soul transmuting darkness into Light. It is the only true path to freedom from the dogma and constant chattering of the mind, which wants to keep you stuck in the smallness of your mind, and in your lower frequency thoughts of anger and revenge.

  • Once we are able to literally latch onto a higher cloud of consciousness, we find that we no longer want to get involved with the day-to-day drama of struggle. We no longer want to prove to others that we are 'right' and they are 'wrong'. It takes these experiences to make us stronger, and with each hurdle that we manage to jump over and not lose our higher consciousness, the faster we make progress towards a more conscious way of living our lives.
  • The journey of each soul is to transmute their darkness into Light. It is not to gain great wealth, large cars and big houses ~ although some of you may have those as well as an expanded conscious mind. The journey is to embrace the key harmonizing aspects of human nature.
  • The key harmonizing aspect of human nature is literally summarized by one word and that is Love. This word encompasses all of the frequencies which are associated with the expanded state of consciousness that mankind can attain.
  • So, we have forgiveness at the top of our agenda. Forgiveness has to come from the deepest and most primordial part of your soul, for how can we not forgive another who is also us? You see, to be able to forgive another we need to feel a deep connection with that soul, and realize that they have not transmuted all of their darkness into Light. However, since we have crossed their path, and are now part of their journey, we can, by being the highest version of ourselves, trigger a vibrational change in the other person's soul.
  • So in this way, the other can entrain with our higher frequency. When we can forgive from this deep place of understanding that the other 'may not know what he has done', we can give them the chance to transmute their mistakes into understanding and realization of what they have done. This allows them to move into conscious acceptance that what they have done is hurtful and often based in fear. When they reach that stage, they may say "I'm sorry for what I have done to you. I have realized that I have hurt you and I ask for your forgiveness". So, in this way, when we can move into a higher vibrational resonance, it allows others to entrain into a higher resonance also. It may not happen immediately, but it will happen.
  • If we then look at another aspect of the human expansion into the highest version of ourselves, this could be summarized by surrender and service unto another or a group of others. There are many who choose service in the sense that they become involved in work which helps others. This group can be summarized as people who have come to understand that to be in service of the human race is a great act of grace. They are often not well paid for this service, but they do derive a great sense of well being knowing that they are helping another or a group of others. These individuals often work in close knit teams and also come to learn the meaning of camaraderie. They would rather die than let their teammates down and sometimes that is the required outcome in acts of extreme bravery and selflessness. Acts of surrender and service are humankind at its best.
  • Then there is the act of respect ~ respect for yourself and respect for others. When we learn to Love, we automatically learn respect, firstly for ourselves by not abusing our inner spirit, and secondly by not abusing another. When we can stand next to those who have sinned against us and forgiven them, while understanding that they 'know not what they have done', then we have transcended to a deep place of love, forgiveness and understanding of human nature. Only acts of Love will transcend disharmony.
  • Another human trait that we would like to cover here is one of worship. It may not occur to you as appearing at the top of positive human traits however, we want to explain that those who live a monastic life are indeed doing a very great service to mankind, through their belief in goodness. The name of the Deity that they choose to worship is rather irrelevant in the context in which we wish to speak. (this is not in any way intended to disrespect any of the many Deities that are worshipped on earth). The fact that they spend long hours in prayer and chanting high frequency sounds often has a bearing as to whether a particular event has a good outcome, a better outcome or a change of outcome. They do the silent work of the Universe. They are charged with creating the higher frequency cloud forms (that we will talk about later in the website) and which are primordial in creating positive changes on Earth. When there is more than one person joined in the name of a Deity, the amplification of the action of prayer can be felt around the world. This amplification is the most important aspect of humanity that we wish to speak about.
  • When there is more than one person who is acting out of love the amplification factor is enormous. So for example, when there is only one person praying for someone to become well, the beam of Light which goes up into the cosmos is weak. When there are 12 people praying, there is a considerable increase. When there are five nations praying the amplification effect is extraordinary. There literally reaches a tipping point where the outcome for the person who is ill is changed, and an instant healing can take place.
  • The power of prayer has not yet been fully understood in our Universe. It has been contained within the 'religious' factor of humanity. It has become linked with believing in a Deity of a particular religion and never been looked at seriously outside of this context. We want you to know that everyone of you who has awoken, and who is meditating for their own opening and clearing, is also adding to the collective consciousness which wants to see the world changed to one of co-operation and Love ~ the Law of One.
  • The realization that we have when we start to work on ourselves in this way is automatically uploading to the collective consciousness. This is why we need to wake up as many of you as possible, so that we can start to create a tipping point in consciousness that will help to change the outcome of what we have described as the 'Earth changes'.
  • If we could create a nation of people meditating and working on their own clearing, we would start to shift the collective consciousness away from thoughts of separation, anger and fear. If everyone understood the model of the holographic world (as explained in this website) we would stand a chance of changing the outcome which at present is set in motion by the collectively held view that we are separate from the whole. There is a belief that permeates the whole of mankind, and that is, that 'What I do does not affect anything or anyone else'. This view is incorrect at the most basal and fundamental level. If we can challenge that view and make everyone understand that there is in fact a 'whole world view' that is always in operation then we would start to see each other differently. We would naturally start to live our lives from the key harmonizing aspects of human nature Love, Forgiveness, Surrender, Service, Respect and Worship/Prayer/Meditation.
  • If we truly believed in the power of prayer, we could collectively change the world simply through praying for the same shared view, to create a holistic and loving community around the world.
  • This vision for mankind may be viewed as impossible. However, we have attempted to explain how each individual act of grace affects the whole. Whether you believe the 'whole world view' now or not is very much determined by the amount of meditation and quiet contemplation you have done. If you meditate daily, take time to be quiet, go into inner silence, you will intrinsically know that when you change yourself, others around you change. This is the resonance factor in operation.
  • For the 'whole world view' to take root, there needs to be a more scientific understanding of how thought manipulates matter. When the scientific community announce to the world that they have discovered an interconnectedness at the basal fabric of the Universe then everything will change in an instant. Science is the way that humankind measures what they believe to be true. If the scientific community stood up tomorrow and announced that the Holographic Model of the Universe was now proven without doubt then everyone and everything would align behind that. Humankind are led by the scientific community. They hold the key to turn this situation around.
  • This key understanding of 'interconnectedness' is beginning to gain momentum as the newly awakened in the scientific community are being shown how thought manipulates matter. They are beginning to stand up and talk from a grounded and provable scientific basis. However, the greater community itself is based in the idea that they are the 'observer' as they 'watch' what is occurring. They do not adhere to the idea that they are part of the experiment themselves. They stand aside and are separate in their reasoning and conscious idea of the planet and all of its complexities. They have if you like missed the most important discovery that has been made so far and that is that the 'observer affects the observed reality'.
  • So until this has been thoroughly examined as a fact, to change the group think will be an enormous task. However, there are many in the scientific community who have been woken up and the task in hand must be to awaken the rest to create a momentum of movement to explore this concept more fully to come to a shared 'integral theory of everything' a whole world view.
  • If science could simply focus on the concept that you can affect what you bring your attention onto just by the power of thought, then we could crack the nut which has been missed so far in the scientific world.
  • We leave you with the work of Masaru Emoto The Hidden Messages in Water and encourage you to read this book. It will change your perception of what is possible just with the power of thought.
  • We welcome you to join the movement. Your individual acts of prayer and meditation can and will change the 'Whole World View'.