• The Live Wire Effect

  • In quantum physics right now there is an idea that the universe as a whole is 'live wired' by a mass of electrical impulses which are contained within the wave particle.  Since we are a mass of vibrational waves or 'strings' as they are known as within the scientific world (String Theory), we are truly connected all of the time.  There is no real distinction or separation between anything or anyone. We are all giving off an electrical impulse which is contained within the wave particle.

  • This 'glow' is what is known as your aura or light energy.  Many religions draw their deity or higher spiritual teachers with a halo affect around their heads - as if this would have been a visible light energy. Spiritual teachers of today talk of the aura which is made up of our collective light energy or wave energy.  It is referred to as the Prana by the Indian yogis, Chi by the Chinese, Ki by the Japanese, Mana by the Hawaiian Kahunas and so forth.  This light wave energy is a life force energy which flows through all living life forms.  That is to say that the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms have a life force energy.  If you had developed your science around this premise you would have cracked the understanding of the body's natural ability to heal itself.
  • The life-force energy takes its frequency from your 'thought forms' and from the wave frequencies that it picks up from its environment.

  • If you could be taught how to slip through the portal into the higher frequency wave frequencies where you could change your resonance easily and quickly, you would be able to heal any illness that you found yourself creating.  You would be able to change your resonance and wave pattern with ease and grace.  This is another key area that we are here to teach you.  It is time to let go of the old paradigm of the body being a separate entity that is not affected by your thoughts and your environment.  Since you are always connected to everything and that you have been co-created from the same wave frequency which has sprung forth from the unbounded whole - it would make sense that you could spring forth from that no-thingness with a perfectly functioning body - would it not?

  • The key here is to understand why you would want to know how to step from one corridor of parallel existence where you found yourself ill and pass through the portal into another parallel existence where you found your self well and healthy.  The challenge would be to be able to find the hidden portal between these two realities since the corridor does exist but only if you can find the portal which separates these two experiences.  If these two realities exist as one in the same time and space, surely you would want to know how to do that - wouldn't you ?

  • The paradigm shift which is required in the medical and healing professions is going to be un-thinkable in today's terms.  Ultimately we would see hospitals with no doctors.  There would be very limited requirements for interventions of a surgical nature.  There would be clinics where people could come for 'group' life force energy boosting.  It would be rather like coming to a hospital appointment for a blood transfusion.  The difference here would be that not only would your blood be re-vitalised with high frequency wave energy which would make every cell and wave pattern within your blood resonate at its highest state of perfection, but so would every other cell in your body come out of the session in its highest state of perfection also.

    The idea that the body itself is a portal into another parallel existence is not an accepted way of talking about our scientific exploration into the human body. However, if you are to learn about the new paradigm shift in the healing experience then you must also learn that the body itself is a portal.  It is a world within a world.  Each and every function that the body performs is predominantly at the unconscious level - that is to say that you do not need to 'think' about it to make it happen in your body.  The body performs billions upon billions of functions every second of every minute of every hour of every day and night of your life.  It is the unseen intelligence of your body which is illuminating - not the functions that we can see.  You see the minute and quantum world of the interior of your body is like a universe within a universe.  It just knows what to do.  The body renews itself completely approximately once a year and it does that by having every single cell change itself completely into a new version of itself.  So it needs to memorize if it functions completely in alignment with perfection or not.  If for example you have a stomach ulcer and the cells within the stomach wall are diseased and distorted and inflamed - in another year's time these cells would have died and recreated themselves in their own likeness.  So why would you not ask yourself why these cells would go ahead and recreate themselves in their 'sick' form and not their perfect health state ?  The answer here lies in our conditioning to think that sickness and illness is a hereditary or a disease state that we have caught or a disease state that we have made worse by what we eat or drink.  We are presently conditioned to expect to get sick at some point in our lives. We simply expect it. Not only that but we do not understand how we created it in the first place.
  • If you read what we have already written on how thought manifests matter you will see that it matters very much what you spend your time thinking about.  If you spend a lot of time worrying about the future and what might, could, should, would go wrong in your life, or you are spending a lot of time worrying about an inherited sickness in your family, or a disease that seems to be on the increase in your part of the world - guess what - you will manifest that very experience in your body.  The mind you have in your body is the master of your universe and it can interfere with the perfection which exists in it.
  • Your mind can override the 'unconscious' perfection that the billions upon billions of cells are performing every second of every minute of every day.  Your conscious reaction to the world that you find yourself in (the parallel universe out with your body) will affect every single cell of your body.  Each cell will have a change of resonance due to your external environment.
  • Your body works as an integrated whole.
    There is no such thing as a separate mind.
  • Minds are 'entangled'.  Your body is 'entangled'.  Everything inside your body is 'entangled' with your mind's perception of what it is experiencing on the outside of your body which gets translated inside your body into a wave pattern of frequency which either matches the perfection which already exists or it distorts the perfect wave pattern which creates disease and distortion of the cells.  The cells have a memory an unseen intelligence which sits at the centre of their unbounded nature. This intelligence can carry with it the memory of distortion or the memory of perfection depending on the outside experience which is translated and transmitted by the mind.
  • The mind is embodied in a relational process which regulates the flow and movement of energy in the form of wave patterns of frequency.  Nothing is fixed it is always moving and changing.  However if the mind has decided that you are going to be sick, diseased or unwell then the body will give you want you want.  It will unconsciously interfere with the perfection of the unconscious workings of your body and this will result with an interference of the correct frequency for the wave energy to function at.  So in this way because we are unconsciously living our lives believing that everything is separate which is supported by the doctors and hospitals that we visit - it is as if we are living in our own parallel universe which is insisting that we are going to get sick and we are going to need to take medication to make that illness go away.  The reality is very different and the paradigm shift which will need to occur is enormous.
  • The paradigm shift to the new earth view will require a medical profession that sees and understands the interconnectedness of all things.  They will need to understand the new scientific explanation of how the universe actually continually uploads from the micro mind to the macro mind and how that can be accessed by all living things.  They will need to understand that instant healing can and actually does take place, that the natural intelligence within the body if not interfered with by the mind by thinking lower frequency wave forms of thought will and can return to the higher frequency wave forms of its natural state of perfection and health.  They will need to understand about the analogy of the corridors of parallel universes and how easy it is to walk through the portal into the parallel world where your body has a memory of perfection and how when it is harmonised with that resonance it naturally entrains to the higher frequency resonance wave pattern of health and harmony.  Healing and health will be attained by the person who has the ill-health pattern not by the practitioner of health. There will be a complete role reversal of who makes who become well. The health worker - let us call him a doctor or a nurse, or other health specialist will no longer exist in their present form. There will be resonance workers.  These people will understand how to re-harmonise the wave-patterns in the person who has become unwell.  Their role will be to teach the person who is sick how to re-harmonise themselves so that they do that on a regular basis to keep themselves from becoming diseased.  If by any chance they do not do that and they do make themselves really sick, they may need to seek out a group session with resonance workers because the resonance and entrainment of the wave frequency becomes amplified when there is more than one person who is able to step through the portal into the parallel universe where the wave resonance is in perfect health and harmony.
  • People can experience instant healing, here was an example: