• The Code to Wake Up The Star Seed Souls

  • We invite you to listen to this tone while reading the text on this page.

    This video discusses the importance of frequency 528Hz

  • The holders of the ancient code as described by The Light Ones.  This code has been encrypted into your memory and is carried by each Star Seed Soul. By now the Star Seed Souls will be fully activated, in the sense that they will all be in different stages of their fully awakened state.  It is now time to sound the code which will fully activate each Star Seed Soul to its greater role within the process of the transition into the new paradigm of consciousness on earth and beyond.

  • As part of the Star Seed Souls pre-birth agreements they have agreed to set aside their free will to align with their higher purpose on earth at this time.  When they hear the sound of the code they will stand forward from their present life situation when this call is sounded.

  • To help you hear this code we encourage you to enter deep states of meditation on a daily basis where you will hear the code sounded.

  • The encrypted code which each Star Seed carries cannot be fully activated without the activation from the ring of 10 having been re-connected at this time on earth. The ring of 10 were the original Star Seed Souls who were active during the transitional shift at the time of Atlantis and have been carrying the knowledge for The New Earth for many lifetimes and many incarnations.  They are represented here on earth at present and they are in key positions across the globe.

  • Group 1: The ring of 10 were the holders and keepers of this ancient knowledge  Contained within this knowledge were the keys to the universal code of creation both above the line known now as the zero point energy field and below and beyond into the unbounded whole of no-thing-ness.  It is now time to call together the Ring of 10 key holders so that they can re-ignite the code which is held in each of the individual parts.  This group hold the individual keys on how to create the new governance of the New Earth.
  • The 10 sons of Poseidon and Kleite who ruled Atlantis :
    The world was divided between the Gods. The God Poseidon received Atlantis.  He married the mortal Kleite and bore 5 sets of twin boys.  The first born was the King Atlas and the 9 other sons were Princes. They ruled Atlantis and met regularly in the Temple of Poseidon.  The ten kings of Atlantis are the tetractys, or numbers, which are born as five pairs of opposites. (Consult Theon of Smyrna for the Pythagorean doctrine of opposites.) The numbers 1 to 10 rule every creature, and the numbers, in turn, are under the control of the Monad, or 1--the Eldest among them.

  • ATLAS A King and Overlord of the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • AMPHERES A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • AUTOKHTHON A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • AZAES A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • DIAPREPRES A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • ELASIPPOS A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • EUAIMON A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • GADEIROS (also EUMELOS) A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • MESTOR A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • MNESEUS A King of one the ten Kingdoms of Atlantis.
  • Additionally at the time of Atlantis there were the gods and goddesses and the illumined initiates the priests and priestesses.  These souls are also reincarnated on earth at this time and are also holding pieces of vital knowledge to create The New Earth.  Atlantis at that time could not be fully advanced to the next level of consciousness and so it was decided that this knowledge would be encrypted in this way to allow for a future opportunity to bring this consciousness to a new level on earth.
  • Group 2: There were also the six female key holders and six male key holders. These were the gods and goddesses who assisted the King and princes who ruled the kingdoms of Poseidon.  The key roles of Jupiter and Juno in this incarnation will again have a much wider remit than the other 5 within their groups.  They will be responsible for calling the gods and goddess group together to re-ignite the code which is held in each of the individual parts.
  • The Supreme Council of the Gods 'The Temple of Poseidon' and is composed of 12 dieties.  By ascending successively through the fiery sphere of Hades, the spheres of water, Earth, and air, and the heavens of the moon, the plane of Mercury is reached.  Above Mercury are the planes of Venus, the sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, the latter containing the symbols of the Zodiacal constellations.  Above the arch of the heavens (Saturn) is the dwelling Place of the different powers controlling the universe.  The Supreme Council of the Gods is composed of twelve deities--six male and six female--which correspond to the positive and negative signs of the zodiac.  The six gods are Jupiter, Vulcan, Apollo, Mars, Neptune, and Mercury; the six goddesses are Juno, Ceres, Vesta, Minerva, Venus, and Diana. Jupiter rides his eagle as the symbol of his sovereignty over the world, and Juno is seated upon a peacock, the proper symbol of her haughtiness and glory.
  • Group 3: The illumined initiates or High Priests and Priestesses as they are often referred to were the secret key holders of the spiritual knowledge and are a much larger group who are here at present on earth - reincarnated at this time to bring about the mass awakening which has been taking place all over the world.  This has resulted in previously protected spiritual knowledge being released into the mainstream media via books, websites, etc.
  • Before Atlantis sank, its spiritually illumined Initiates, who realized that their land was doomed because it had departed from the Path of Light, withdrew from the ill-fated continent.  Carrying with them the sacred and secret doctrine, these Atlanteans established themselves in Egypt, where they became its first "divine" rulers.  Nearly all the great cosmologic myths forming the foundation of the various sacred books of the world are based upon the Atlantean Mystery rituals.

  • These Star Seed Soul Groups hold the individual keys for the creation of New Earth Projects which will advance the soul pathway of mankind and ensure the continuation of mankind on The New Earth.
  • All the Star Seed Soul group during their progression into their fully awakened being will be able to develop the acute abilities in being able to download the information held within the Akashic Field the collective consciousness as we have already described in the holographic model of the world.  They will not live their lives in the single dimensional existence; they will develop the abilities to fully integrate and be fully functional in a third dimensional capability while experiencing the world through a multi-dimensional guidance system.  They are highly evolved spiritually and may be hidden at all levels within society quietly working at what they have been asked to do.  They will follow higher guidance rather than following their own individual will.  Their need to be 'spiritually' connected and guided will be evident in their outward movement to manifest the vision of The New Earth consciousness on earth.  They will be receiving a new 'dictionary' of language which will resonate within their Soul sister and brotherhood Star Seed Soul Group. They will have been extraordinarily active in many fields of expertise required to create The New Earth and will have been multi-tasking during this period of individual instruction received via higher guidance.  The movement now is changing to an outward movement.  The period of isolation and focussed effort to prepare the many aspects of their New Earth guidance has been signalled as coming to a close. The movement now is to fully stand up into your truth of who you are and what your mission on earth is.  This will require a new set of skills and a period of preparation to be clear in your communication to the wider masses.  We have asked many of you to prepare websites with the title The New Earth to contain your projects and your insights for the transition into the new consciousness and heart energy of the shift to the new vibrational experience of peace and love as expressed by those who live and work on her shores - the mother earth.  We embrace all of you to accept this truth as described here.
  • The other much larger group who are active on earth at present are the Light Workers.  They are now mostly fully active in bringing about all the projects which will be required to live lightly on the planet. They are the keepers of light and by the very nature of their work they are creating a new earth consciousness on earth.  They are active in all walks of life teaching, healing, building eco projects, sustainable farming, and so on as each person who awakens aligns with his/her higher purpose on earth.
  • The alien invasion
    There are many who wrongly believe that the Star Seed Souls are aliens from other planets and civilizations.  As the awakening process unfolds you will realise that much of what has been written so far is a 'small mind view' of the holographic model of the world.  That is to say that the human consciousness has not been able to decipher this complex truth.  Now that there are many of you reaching a much more advanced state of consciousness you are able to hold the high frequency resonance of time travel and advanced forms of inter-dimensional travel within your reality.  This has only existed in the form of sci-fi movies and fantasy models of the world.  However, with the new science which is available right now there has been a realisation that other dimensional existences are indeed possible.  The scientific world is on the edge of a breakthrough in the idea that we may not be alone.  However these inter-dimensional spaces are not as far away as you think and that there are portals permitting the movement between these spaces already here.  These portals or corridors or tunnels rather like the round tunnels you find in children's playgrounds which whiz you from one level to another, are functional and real.  The Star Seed Souls are the guardians of these portals and these have also now all been cleared ready for activation during the earth shift changes.