• What do you personally need to do to survive the paradigm shift ?

  • The first action is to seek out a spiritual teacher if you have not already found one. Start the awakening process.  Listen to teachers, watch videos, read books, attend workshops.  Learn how to meditate and quieten the mind.  Learn how to clear your body of past pain, resentment, anger, rage, jealousy etc.  Learn how to raise your vibrational essence.  Seek out others who are following the New Wave of teachings on living more consciously on earth.
  • Secondly on a more practical level you need to start preparing for the earth changes which are to come.  Check out the page on : Earth Changes - The shift  Try not to fall into fear and look beyond this change to the wonderful opportunities that will open up for all those who make it to The New Earth.  Focus instead on the practical ways that you can prepare yourself for the earth changes.
  • There will be many new skills that you will need to learn, however this can be summarised by learning the 'old ways' of living close to the land.  Instead of watching endless hours of mindless television use your time to learn.  This can be in traditional ways through books and workshops or by use of the internet and videos on UTube. (Please note that books can be accessed during the period of darkness and will be a great source of comfort during this time of passage).
    • Learn how to preserve foods when they are plentiful.
    • Planting and growing your own food.
    • Creating a clean water source.
    • Generating your own electricity.
    • Heating and cooking by bottled gaz or wood.
    • Eco houses and how to build one.
    • All self sufficiency skills.
  • There will need to be stockpiling of dried foods, bottled foods and all methods to preserve nourishing food, enough to last 6 months or so. We are not going to go into a lot of detail here as there are many other websites who offer excellent advice on survival techniques and what you will need to put in place to survive the period of darkness before the atmosphere settles and the warmth of the sun returns.
  • All communication will be down.  So it will be important to buy a short band radio which is presently used in the armed forces.  They can be sourced cheaply at army stockists. The radio will be used to help you to regenerate your basic human network of survivors who will start to form an infra-structure so that new support groups can be formed.
  • Here are some links but there are many others...