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  • The Sisterhood was called forward to form a Circle of Light to participate in activating the Ascension process of Mother Earth in alignment with the Divine Plan and to herald in The New Earth era and movement.

    Angels are high frequency beings of light, who are beyond most people's range of sight and hearing. They are always available to help us and to act as messengers between God and us. Everyone is ultimately aiming for ascension, which is the bringing down of the light of the soul into your life on Earth. This is the process of mastering your own path of self actualization and understanding the universal laws, and when you have done so, your vibrations lighten enabling you to ascend to a higher level of understanding.

    As a result of this calling The Sisterhood has now met and formed the Circle of Light and anchored it to earth to herald in The New Earth era and movement. They are all receiving accelerated teachings to enable them to bring down the light of their souls into their life on earth. Thus a full remembering of who they truly are can take place and an opportunity to step up into their New Earth roles in service of mankind, which they have all accepted.

    They are receiving direct guidance through The Council of Light which is made up of the Archangels and an extended group of Light Beings.

    The Divine Plan has been shared with this group for the unfolding of The New Earth and, as a result of that, there are clear roles and actions to be taken. The group of six in this Sisterhood will be calling their own groups together to support them in their tasks and the ripple effect will start to take place. As each group forms, they will activate the divine spark in others and so on until the ripples will start to form a river, and the rivers will start to form the ocean, and the oceans will join together to form the wave, and the movement will carry us forward into The New Earth era and resonance.

    The Sisterhood
    The six women in the Sisterhood were incarnated together on earth at the time of Atlantis. They held the energetic walls of the city of Atlantis together during that time on earth. The Sisterhood were all Star Seed Souls who had chosen to incarnate on earth at that time foreseeing that there would be a future time, now, when they would travel again together into the New Earth.

    The Sisterhood with their counter-part group of the Brotherhood have been incarnating now on earth for hundreds of years. They have gathered much wisdom and have been asked during each incarnation to teach others about the higher states of consciousness which exist in the dimensions outside of the third dimensional world. As a result of that, They have been persecuted by their fellow man many times over during their physical incarnations, in their quest to bring enlightenment to earth.

    However, their mission of ushering in the New Earth is now underway with the birth of this website and will herald in a new era on earth. The work of this group is varied and vast and as such they are just embarking on this new chapter in their lives. It is calling them to walk away from their present work so that they can step up into this new role.

    Their integral role in creating The New Earth will be announced through regular bulletins which will be sent out from this website address.

    For those of you reading this website who do not know what a Star Seed Soul would look like, they are very much ordinary in their outward appearance and nature but that they are gifted with the ability to awaken another Star Seed Soul to their encoded memory of their time of Atlantis which once activated will awaken those they touch to their calling to join us in service of mankind at this time.

    This will assist us to bring about the changes required now globally to usher in The New Earth.

    We very much hope that the content of this website resonates with you and that you are inspired to start the process of 'waking up' and participating in the mass wakeup of souls to take us forth into The New Earth era. It is our intention to bring as many of our sisters and brothers into The New Earth resonance as possible. We recognise this is a huge task to literally change the mindset of millions of years of the paradigm of 'separateness' to one another and to all things in the universe. It will require an energetic shift which will 'shake' us awake. This is the intention and so shall it be.

    We invite you to participate in the creation of The New Earth with us!

    With enormous courage and love for you all

    The Sisterhood