• The Second Coming and Accepting "What Is"

  • Many have talked about the 'Second Coming'.   It is recorded in many religious texts and is a favored part of the memory of millions of souls incarnated on Earth at this time.  It is linked with a memory of the homelands and a land of freedom of choice in every sense of the word.  It is a world where work is play and life has taken on a feeling of paradise reborn.

  • The journeying now is to take your 'small mind view' of this memory into full realization through a shift in consciousness. There are many on Earth now who are newly awakened.  They are roaring their truth, insights and a new knowingness.   Please understand that they are like young children in a sweet shop where everything tastes and feels so good.  Many of the newly awakened are full of enthusiasm as this higher resonant energy vibrates through their bodies energizing them, making them race here and race there.  However, this is not their fault, as they are reacting to the quickening of the energy resonance shifts here on Earth.

  • Those who have been awakened for much longer and have already passed through this stage are thoroughly grounded and able to integrate the new resonance shift of consciousness without long periods of instability.  They have a frequency resonance of a 'Grand Master' or a 'Wise One'.  Their role now is to identify those of you in the newly awakened Star Seed Soul Group who will be active in the creation of the New Earth Projects.  The newly awakened Star Seed Souls will be in support of the 'Wise Ones' as they are now asked to step into another role, above and beyond the roles that they undertook during their first wave of conscious opening.

  • These 'Wise Ones' will coach and lead the groups which will naturally form around them.  There will be several New Earth Projects and each will have a Star Seed Soul Group Leader.  The name 'leader' here will not involve leading in the conventional sense. They will lead by down-loading the 'blueprint' information to develop their projects from the Akashic Field of collective consciousness. The Akashic Field holds the Akashic Records which contain all the knowledge of the Divine Plan for the realization of The New Earth.  Therefore, the lead will act as the bridge to the collective mind of Akashic knowledge held within the unbounded whole, the Source.

  • The Star Seed Soul Group Leader will be asked to identify her or his 'group' to assist and support them during the universal transition into the New Earth consciousness.  The Star Seed Soul Group Leaders will be very magnetic to those who are here to work with them.  You will feel as if you are inexplicably drawn to them.  We ask at this time to allow all your fears and questions to be there as you experience this shift.  However, practicing the teaching of 'non-resistance' and 'accepting what is' will help you enormously to align with this new phase in your conscious awakening.
  • If you are still predominantly functioning from your mind then you may become very fatigued and start to suffer from headaches as you subconsciously resist the new incoming flow of higher resonance.  If, on the other hand, you are able to spend long enough periods free of your mind, as we have advised you to do, then you will be able to receive the direct guidance that is being beamed to you.
  • If you are still suffering from the cycle of 'awakened information' download, followed by periods of doubt and fear, then you may well start to feel that you are starting to lose your mind!  If, on the other hand, you are able to retain your 'awakened information' and then act on it accordingly to bring it into the third dimensional world of form, then you will be making extremely fast progress along your awakened path.  This will be the main difference now between those of you who are still in doubt and those of you who have relaxed into your New Earth roles.
  • The newly awakened who are roaring their truth all over the internet, youTube, social networks, etc. are collectively distracting you from developing your own ability to focus on your personal conscious awakening. Spending hours on the internet, attending workshops and reading books should only be a very small part of your journey.  The main journey is to follow your own inner guidance, through the quieting of the mind, and to clear your resistance to accepting 'what is'.  If you simply focus on this one teaching now, the need to follow others who are opening to receive their own information should start to fade away.  You already know everything you need to know.   Only those who are able to access the state of 'no-mind' will experience the Second Coming, the higher resonance consciousness shift of mankind.
  • Even if you have a master's doctorate in all things spiritual, it will make no difference the moment when the Earth changes start to happen.  If you are not able to reach a deep place of stillness at this time, you may not make it through to the next pulse of conscious awakening.  We are explaining it to you in this way so that you can start to prepare for the transition by spending as much time as possible in learning stillness; stillness of the mind and body so that you can arrive into a state of conscious knowingness.
  • As the conscious knowingness starts to build up within you, it will feel like an inner voice or a 'gut feeling' guiding you.   This will often be in conflict with your mind and your thoughts.  So, the challenge is, do you stick with your thoughts (and everything you have been trained to be and do) or do you start to trust and follow your guiding consciousness?   If you start to take your lead from your guiding consciousness, this will greatly speed up your conscious awakening.  The more you align with this resonance, the more you will open up.
  • So, noticing when you are strongly in resistance to something becomes very important.  When you notice your resistance, tune in and become silent.  Ask if this task, event, situation, thought, action or deed is aligned with your highest path?  If you feel that it is, drop the resistance and get on with making this happen.
  • For example, there may be a physical event which seems deeply unpleasant to you or you may not want to perform a particular task.  Notice how you are 'feeling' or 'thinking' about it.  If you are going into fear and worrying that you are not good enough, or your mind is telling you how much you wish to avoid doing this, or you put off taking any action at all, notice that this is resistance to accepting 'what is'.  This places you in resistance to what you have already created from past thought, so it is a good idea to notice it and accept it.  Noticing your own resistance to accepting 'what is' allows you to choose something else or decide to deeply accept what is happening and to be OK with it (or even happy about it, which would be even better).   It is lifting yourself out of resistance to accepting 'what is', which will ease your flow forward.  Make this your daily practice and you will make amazing shifts in your conscious opening.
  • While we are not against the newly awakened shouting from the mountain tops for all to hear, we do not agree with the unleashing of all knowledge held within the Akashic Field of collective consciousness to an indiscriminate audience.  For example, when you work on your own awakening and you learn stillness of the mind, you receive your own tailored teachings which are closely matched to your level of ability to assimilate the learning.   It is a slow drip feed process which will have you receive deep spiritual truths which arrive with a feeling of illumination, 'Wow, I just understood that!'
  • This information later hits your mind.  The mind will of course try to dampen the illumination of the truth and then will try to distort it with thought.  This process is a gentle awakening tailored to the limitations of your present paradigm created by your mind.
  • The act of gaining more and more spiritual knowledge from the outside world, however true and expansive, will eventually fill your mind with hours and hours of thinking time.  This time robs you of your 'own time' - or put another way, time to be with your 'self'; the self which is your conscious witnessing self who wants to spend time with you.  So, making time to be with your 'self' is the most important gift you can give to yourself and will be your ticket into The New Earth.