• What Will Happen To Those Who Cannot Change Or Who Resist The Earth Changes ?

  • There is a mass awakening taking place all over the world and those who remain in an 'unconscious' state will not be able to survive the Earth changes and axis shift. They will find themselves at a loss as to what to do to survive the period of darkness and where to go following the Earth shift.

  • The Earth shift is not just about a physical event, it is about the realization that we are all One and that the holographic model of the world is true. This means that we are all connected as One Being - there is no separation. There is only 'us'. As the energy pulse of the Universe quickens it will mean that the frequency that governs the magnetic forces of the Earth will weaken, and you will start to feel the pull towards your life purpose and your role in the New Earth. If you have remained asleep and you are literally sleep walking your way through life, then you will continue to remain in this state during the Earth changes.
  • Those who are newly awakened are also being challenged to speed up time to follow their new inner gut feelings. They are being governed by what feels right rather than what they think is right. It is a slow process of giving way to higher spiritual guidance which will arrive as an awakened moment. Deep realizations will be taking place, deep understanding about life, the greater purpose of all creation, and your role in that.
  • However, if you are not following these moments of deep connection and allowing the actions to follow through, you will be experiencing headaches and sickness. You will start to feel very tired and exhausted as you resist 'going with the flow'. If you have been receiving guidance and strong urges to move to another part of the world, or to change jobs, or to learn about a certain subject, and you ignore them, then you are in resistance to the Earth changes. We highly advise you to listen closely to your 'gut feeling'. Trust it and all will be well.