• The Purpose of this Web Site

  • - is to Wake up the Star Seed Soul Group and to deliver the key message to the whole of mankind - that mankind must open to the new consciousness which is being beamed across the cosmos to ensure its survival.

  • There are those who are here to help with this conscious acceleration and they are the Star Seed Soul Group.
  • The Star Seed Soul Group must be re-connected to activate a 're-membering' of their collective memory of their roles in Atlantis. The Star Seed Soul Group have re-incarnated together during many key shifts in the earths conscious awakening process and as such they originally incarnated to earth from many other dimensions of existence to take on their roles in this long evolution towards the creation of The New Earth era.
  • Their first memory on earth was created at the time of Atlantis and so the story of this time is an important imprint which can be activated by the wake-up code which is being activated across the cosmos to announce The New Earth resonance. The departure from the density which has existed on earth for many millions of years has come to an end. There has started a new era for the creation of the new consciousness on earth and beyond. This will herald the abrupt end of this part of the earth's journey with those who have been journeying with her.
  • She will shake off her old vibrational pull to create a new magnetic field which will only attract those who have tuned in to her new resonance. This shift into the new consciousness on earth must be seen in the greater context of the changes which are afoot above and beyond the earth's individuated role.  She also has a role out and beyond within the galaxy and the cosmos.
  • The holographic model of the world does not stop within the field of the earth. It extends out with the galaxy and beyond. Everything is always connected all of the time. What you 'think' and 'feel' is uploaded constantly to this energetic field, the akashic field.  The actions which you personally take are recorded and will form part of your karmic diary. This daily 'diary' is a record of your thoughts, actions and deeds.  We want you now to become fully conscious of this concept so that you can 'choose' carefully what you would like to write about yourself in this record.  Who do you want to be known for ?  This is the question in hand for you to ponder.
  • The gravitational pull will only attract those who will resonate with her new resonance.  This will consist of those of you who have understood this concept.
  • It will attract those who are, if you like, the reflection of mother earth's new resolution to be known as a place of peace and harmonious living within her new magnetic fields. She will not be able to tolerate greed and selfishness.  She will want those who will not harm her and will understand her needs. She will want love and care. She will want to be free of pollutants. She will want to scrape away the harm which has been done to her and create a life anew. She will only resonate with those who want to make this journey with her. For as above so below.
  • We do not want to frighten those who do not want to take this journey, because all must understand that this is their choice. Nothing is compulsory.  There are no rules which are sent down from 'on high'.  There is only the evolutionary movement of all energy and all energy is connected, because we all spring forth from the same nothingness that exists within the unbounded whole.  This is where all manifested matter springs forth from - the place of pure potential.  This potential is created by those who have been gifted with the consciousness to manifest a world upon worlds.
  • The scientists have at least figured that out in a smaller mind's view.  They have observed how quantum particles are affected by being watched.  The only thing that they have not allowed is for this idea that consciousness actually existed before the matter can be seen or quantified.  That the 'empty' space was already full of consciousness.  That every single wave particle of matter was already conscious before it became a wave particle.  This is the reason why the quantum vacuum state is observed with some activity within it, because the very act of observing manifests matter!
  • We do not want to insult the mass of 'breakthrough' thinking which has been achieved so far.  However, without this fundamental understanding and acknowledgement that out of the 'nothing' came everything (as has been written in so many biblical texts when the world, it was written, was created in seven days) then mankind cannot move beyond the scientific boundary of the idea that somehow we are separate from this consciousness that we all sprang forth from.  You see it cannot be so.  You simply cannot separate anything - everything is inexplicably linked.
  • The fabric from which we were all woven still exists.  The ocean of consciousness that we are all bathed in stays where it is and all form springs forth from this ocean. We could go on to explain to you the importance of the creation of a truly integrated Theory of Everything which would include this concept.  The concept that 'everything' must include consciousness, because consciousness is the fabric from which everything that you can see, touch and smell and everything else that you cannot see, touch, and smell has been woven from.  Consciousness just exists.  It exists in every cell of your body which acts as a holographic model within you - your internal cosmos; and it exists in every cell which goes up to make your material world which presents itself to you as outside of your 'self'.  This material world extends out into the cosmos and beyond. This model links up with your internal model.  There is no beginning and there is no end.
  • The holographic model of the whole 'thing' is the truth and that is the nearest the scientific world has come to integrating the idea of consciousness into their mathematical formulas of the observed physical world.  We want to celebrate those who are in the manmade disciplines that represent the stakeholder groups of science, philosophy, medicine, religion and spirituality who have reached this fundamental breakthrough.  These are the individuals who are trying to bridge the gap between the 'old paradigm' and the 'new paradigm' which will be required for the birthing of The New Earth.
  • The New Earth consciousness will be formed on the holographic model of the universe.  It will be an integral Theory of Everything.  This will be the breakthrough in science which will lead the rest of the world to this new understanding that we are indeed all one.