• The New Earth Projects

  • These projects will be formally created as a result of the World Summit Meeting of World Leaders, Scientists, Indigenous peoples and New Wave Leaders which will take place following the tectonic shift and earth changes.
  • This New Earth Governance movement will realize the importance of acting and thinking as one brought about by the breaking down of all separation during the earth changes.
  • These New Earth Projects will be put in place to ensure the future survival of mankind.
  • Many of the Star Seed Soul group will be asked to attend this meeting to offer guidance and advice accessed from the Akashic Field of knowledge.
  • There will also be other interested parties attending this meeting to assist with this planetary shift in consciousness.
  • As the Star Seed Soul group fully awakens during the following months you will be called upon to realize your role within The New Earth movement.  You will come to understand the importance of forming these Project groups prior to the earth changes and you will naturally come to know what New Earth Project you are aligned with.  Many of you will have been active in living consciously on planet earth already and will feel the pull towards your area of expertise and passion within The New Earth movement.
  • The New Earth Projects
    There will be many of you who will be drawn to a large category called Conscious Living on Planet Earth.  This category will have many subsets of specialist projects within it for example: farming without animals and the production of food; self sufficiency; off grid living; cleaning up our society (internet etc); vegetarian food (growing it/cooking it/benefits of eating this way); Loving thy neighbour as thy self; and so on ...
  • The other New Earth Projects are :
    • Governance of The New Earth and will involve aligning with the natural laws of harmony and resonance with natural order.
    • Scientific Group who will be aligned and updated with new technology which will deliver to The New Earth clean and free energy to power the whole world with an endless, abundant energy source.
    • To re-educate the Children will be a very highly developed group of heart energy to heal the distortions from the 3rd dimensional experience.
    • New Housing Project for The New Earth will be a fully developed group and have been active for quite some time now.
    • Clean Water Project will again be a very important group who have been separated out from the Conscious Living Project because we will need to understand the importance of water.
    • Food Project will not include farming and the production of food which will be another category under the Conscious Living Project. This project will work on developing a whole new concept of nourishment.
    • Natural Laws as aligned with the Law of One - realignment of businesses with The New Earth order.
    • Accelerated Healing group.  Many will have been activated to teach the New Wave of Accelerated Healing Techniques required to accelerate the rate at which personal clearing of the energy bodies can take place.
    • The new Financial Structure for the Law of One will be put in place initially by each Star Seed Soul group as it becomes reconnected.
  • We expect that as the first projects start to stand up and be self sufficient from the many flows of energy which will flow from and to them that the excess profits will be offered to those who have worked in service roles on a non-income basis or a part exchange basis and so there would be an honouring of their contribution at a later date.  Rather like a delayed pay packet. Once this first group have been paid in financial terms for their outstanding debts to the project then the excess profits will start to flow into other projects as they start to open up to the new conscious energy calling them to form their own groups.  This will then start to mimic the new financial structure for the Law of One which will be the new conscious model in The New Earth consciousness.
  • The 10 New Earth Projects will be further funded by the new Governance which will be put in place following the earth changes.
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