• The Blueprint for the Project Groups

  • The Project Groups for The New Earth will be forming all across the globe. Those who have awakened to their higher purpose in this lifetime may well have aligned with this forceful energy and not been in resistance to leaving their life-long careers.  In this experience they will have found that all of the skills that they had already gained were simply re-aligned with the higher flow.  There will be a feeling that all of your life has been preparing you for your guaranteed success at this new work.
  • We urge all those who have not yet aligned their essence with this higher flow desire to trust that you will be supported as you step forward into the world with your new gifts.  There will be many who will be interested to hear and learn what you have understood.  Please remember that this game of life is rather like the story of the butterfly and the chrysalis. The butterfly will know who they are and the chrysalis will not.  So simply by being the butterfly the chrysalis will remember who it is to become.  Just the act of standing up into your beautiful self will allow others to do the same.  This is the act of 'resonance' in operation.  The act of standing up takes a huge shift in consciousness to take place.  This resonance starts to vibrate out of you, and simply by you being you will allow others to 'entrain' with this new resonance.  They will feel an attraction to you. Those who are not yet attracted, allow them to be so. They have further yet to travel.
  • The subject of vibration and entrainment has been proven in nature.  There is a natural order to all things.  All animals naturally work on a resonant frequency. They are entrained naturally with the vibrational nature of their world.  They are not 'thinking' about their environment, they are naturally connected, they do not feel the separation that we do.  Therefore, when a group of frogs get together and one starts to croak, they all start to croak. At first it is a random sound of frogs croaking.  Over a very short time frame they will naturally 'entrain' with what to them sounds like the best resonant croak and after only a short time they will all be croaking at the same time.  There is a natural order and a natural pull or attraction to the resonance of the best croaker!  He who croaks loudest and with the best possible resonance for that 'soul group' will mean that others will eventually entrain with them.
  • In The New Earth world we will liken this to a wave movement.  First there will be a ripple, then a small wave, which will join with another movement which has generated a ripple to a wave, which will join with another ripple which turned into a small wave and gradually all these small wave movements will entrain with each other to create the New Wave Movement which will create The New Earth.  The new resonance will start to be heard loud and clear across the globe as more and more of you stand up onto the world stage to talk about your work and your alignment with the higher flow which is waking up in you.
  • The Mass Awakening
    There is a requirement now for all those who have been working through their own clearing to realise that now is the time to move into the outward movement.  You will be called to stand up into your new roles for the creation of The New Earth. We have explained that the sound code has been activated to wake those of you who have been following your higher self instructions.  These are now going to give way to a new push which will be to encourage you to identify yourself and your beliefs and knowing on this subject in hand.  You will hear this calling being sounded in the main stream media.  We will ask you now to start listening to see who is starting to use The New Earth terminology.  These people are going to stand at the forefront of this New Wave Movement.  As the group of Star Seed Souls start to become organised you will start to see a more solid and structured organisation be birthed into existence.
  • Those of you who have been working quietly on your individual projects will also now be asked to align with one of The New Earth Projects which will be emerging across the globe.  Many of you will be here to teach the New Wave Consciousness in the many forms which will be required to live in peace and harmony on mother earth.  She will have been sending up her instructions now ready for her New Earth phase.
  • The New Earth Projects
    There will be many of you who will have been drawn to a category which we will explain as Conscious Living on Planet Earth.  This category has many subsets of specialism within it, and are too many to list here.  We have listed below the specialist New Earth Projects which will not be embraced by this category.
  • Another large category will be the Governance of The New Earth and will involve aligning with the natural laws of harmony and resonance with natural order. There will be no need for prisons and punishments as there will be an internal guidance system which will give you direct access to your Akashic Record and so in that way everyone will be self disciplined within the natural laws of cause and affect. The understanding of the Law of One will be the model for the new Governance for The New Earth.
  • There will be a large Scientific Group who will be aligned and updated with new technology which will deliver to The New Earth clean and free energy to power the whole world with an endless, abundant energy source.  This group will incorporate many scientific brains who will be carried over into the New World training programme to upgrade and align the heart energy with the scientific advances which will be made.  This will eliminate any chance this time around that the energy source can be abused and used in other more negative ways by those who are not aligned with the Law of One.
  • The group who will re-educate the Children will be a very highly developed group of heart energy.  Their resonance alone will heal and repair the damage that has been done to the children during their 3rd dimensional existence.  Some of this work will be carried out by the many children that are now evolved and aligned with their higher self frequency.  There are also many teachers who are active now trying to bridge the gap between the density period of exposure and manage these difficulties until the transition to The New Earth occurs.  This group will be your brightest soul group and will carry the precious cargo of the children for The New Earth.
  • The New Housing Project for The New Earth will be a fully developed group.  They have been active now for a long time and have understood the most simplest of models which can be constructed easily and simply to ensure warmth, comfort and still at the same time maintain a simple and non intrusive way of living on The New Earth.  This group will be very active at the front end construction period for The New Earth.
  • The Clean Water Project will again be a very important group who have been separated out from the Conscious Living Project because we will need to understand the importance of water.  We have mentioned this within the body of our website and we will refer to this again here.  The book published by Masaru Emoto The Hidden Messages in Water will form the basis of the teaching about the important role that water has in our existence.  There will be a whole shift in consciousness to realise the importance of this work in creating The New Earth.
  • The Food Project will not include farming and the production of food which will be another category under the Conscious Living Project.  This project will work on developing a whole new concept of nourishment and how we can align our higher resonant bodies with the frequencies of food which will best nourish our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  This project will attract those who are most interested in what today has been called 'modified DNA' or GMO foods.  This scientific way of changing the structure of plants to encourage stronger growth will be aligned with the natural order and the Law of One.
  • The Natural Laws as aligned with the Law of One - realignment of businesses with The New Earth order.  This project will re-educate the contorted structure that the present mental model of mankind has put in place.  There will be an educational programme of re-alignment with this universal truth which exists within the cosmos and beyond.  All new businesses will be aligned with this blueprint and it will take a while for the businesses which were developed at the end of the last period prior to the earth changes to be upgraded.  Many new businesses started to grow up needing to adhere to the 'old' system of world law.  When the New Earth is birthed these fledgling businesses will need extra support to upgrade their structures to be fully aligned with the New Earth order.
  • The Accelerated Healing group will have been active at the end of the period before The New Earth is birthed.  Many will have been activated to teach the New Wave of Accelerated Healing Techniques required to accelerate the rate at which personal clearing of the energy bodies can take place.  This group can also be identified because these healing techniques can be learnt easily and quickly and will not necessitate a long training programme before you are able to perform 'instant' healing on yourself and others.  We will recommend however that you use the techniques to clear your own energy before focussing on others.  There will be more advanced forms of healing available to download in The New Earth era.  For those who wish to accelerate their conscious understanding we have allowed access to the Akashic Records concerned with your soul development.  It will be the first time that the Akashic Records have been opened in this way for those who have graduated to this level of conscious understanding.

    These records have only been made accessible to those who have demonstrated a level of responsible handling of the many deep and painful concepts held within these records.  They are like opening the window to the soul journey and we have watched with interest to see how this material has been downloaded and used to accelerate the awakening of mankind.  Most who have been granted access to this material have managed quite well and others have been removed from their practice due to misuse of the records material.  We will be building a separate directory of those who have been gifted with this ability and who can be recommended to you via this website.
  • The new financial structure for the Law of One will be put in place initially by each Star Seed Soul group as it becomes reconnected.  The lead Star Seed Soul will start to call together his/her group and they will start to organise themselves into a functioning body.  This body will require a support network and these individuals will probably come from outside of the Star Seed Soul group.  They will be attracted to the energy generated by this group and will understand the concepts held within an expanded consciousness of money. However, at present you are all existing within the old paradigm of money consciousness and you will be learning to bridge the consciousness shift into The New Earth model of we are all one. Therefore we suggest that each individual must assess for themselves the level of involvement they can offer on a 'free' basis, or on an exchange of energy basis, or on an exchange for 'accelerated' consciousness as you entrain with The New Earth energy resonating from the Lead Star Seed Soul groups.  We suggest that each person is dealt with on a person to person basis and that no assumptions should be made about whether an individual can offer their skills to this group on an unpaid basis.  Everyone must be aware that many within the Star Seed Soul group have been asked to undertake huge projects which will have taken all of their life savings and maybe a little bit more.  They may appear that they are building huge businesses and the assumption could be that they are of the 'old' mindset of building this for their own wealth and gain.  You will need to understand that their accumulation of their project will be for The New Earth consciousness to thrive and survive.
  • However, everyone must understand that we all need to pay our bills and our projects must be funded until they can start to generate the income required to see them flourish and flow into abundance. So there will need to be an understanding of this paradigm shift into the consciousness of the Law of One.  In this way we would hope to see volunteers offering their services free on a basis which is in balance to honouring the individual's feeling of self worth and of course 'payment' is very closely linked to this form of energy.  So everyone must take care not to make assumptions and to manage this transitional phase so that The New Earth projects can be birthed.
  • We expect that as the first projects start to stand up and be self sufficient from the many flows of energy which will flow from and to them that the excess profits will be offered to those who have worked in service roles on a non-income basis or a part exchange basis and so there would be an honouring of their contribution at a later date.  Rather like a delayed pay packet. Once this first group have been paid in financial terms for their outstanding debts to the project then the excess profits will start to flow into other projects as they start to open up to the new conscious energy calling them to form their own groups.  This will then start to mimic the new financial structure for the Law of One which will be the new conscious model in The New Earth consciousness.
  • Our final word on money is that you must not let your old mindset hinder your expansion.  Trust that the New Wave consciousness will generate for you the flow of income that will be required for your project.  Open your consciousness to receiving your abundance.  Be ready to receive.
  • The 10 New Earth Projects will be further funded by the new Governance which will be put in place following the earth changes.
  • The unfolding of this 'mother-ship' site will mean that many new opportunities will open up for everyone who is connected to her energy.  There will need to be an alignment in every way with this New Wave consciousness energy.  It will require everyone to pull together to create The New Earth consciousness.  The primordial reason for this site is to re-connect the Star Seed Soul Group.  This group is an important part of the support network who are helping to build the energy bridge between the present day consciousness and the New Earth consciousness.  This new brotherhood and sisterhood will have very different values as the energy develops and opens up. Those who have not understood the need to stand up will be encouraged to do so. As this happens the 'means' to do that will simply flow to the part of the whole who is choosing in that moment to bring their messages of change and urgency to the world stage.  We will ensure that the flow of energy as represented in the earthly form of money and support from your brotherhood and sisterhood will be flowing from the first group who stand up and create abundance in all things for all those who flow behind them.  This will ensure that the New Wave movement will be funded and supported.