• The Future exists here right now as pulsating waves of possibility
    - as does the Past.

  • "According to Hawking and Mlodinow, one consequence of the theory of quantum mechanics is that events in the past that were not directly observed did not happen in a definite way. Instead they happened in all possible ways. This is related to the probabilistic nature of matter and energy revealed by quantum mechanics: Unless forced to choose a particular state by direct interference from an outside observation, things will hover in a state of uncertainty.

  • "For example, if all we know is that a particle traveled from point A to point B, then it is not true that the particle took a definite path and we just don't know what it is. Rather, that particle simultaneously took every possible path connecting the two points.
  • "Yeah, we're still trying to wrap our brains around this.

  • "The authors sum up: 'No matter how thorough our observation of the present, the (unobserved) past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.'"
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  • The Light Ones explain this from their perspective:

  • As everything is always connected all of the time, and time does not exist, the reality is that every single thought that every single person has ever had, and ever will have, is being 'uploaded' to the Akashic field where this 'real time' information is being stored and automatically updated in the collective consciousness.

    Every single thought has a wave like appearance and as such it does have the ability to manipulate matter.
  • Every single thought has a frequency which carries with it the ability to 'stick' with other thoughts or 'waves' of energy. These are attracted to each other due to their frequency resonance.
  • As these thoughts start to 'stick' with other thoughts they have greater potential to influence a change in outcome associated with the thought. This is what we call the 'amplification factor' because as each thought joins up with another thought of similar resonance it literally starts to amplify that wave form resonance.
  • Thoughts start to collect and 'stick' together to produce 'vibrational clusters or clouds' of energy which differ in frequency resonance dependant on whether they are based in fear or whether they are based in love frequencies.
  • These 'clouds' join other 'clouds' of similar frequency thoughts and these start to merge with the 'collective' thought frequencies in what we refer to the collective consciousness held in the ether. Many refer to this as - the collective brain of the complete universe - and it is also known as the Akashic Field of knowledge.
  • This then explains the journey from micro thought consciousness (a single persons thought) to macro thought consciousness (the collective thoughts of the universe - out with the body).
  • The same explanation works the other way, seeing the body as a universe within a universe. You could therefore change the analogy but call the body the macro universe and the inner world of the body the micro universe.

  • Thought forms exist only as a spectrum of possibilities :
    Eminent scientist Stephen Hawking theorises "No matter how thorough our observation of the present, the (unobserved) past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities."  This is the closest science has got so far in correctly trying to describe how these individual thought forms expressed in their smallest quantum state exist as a spectrum of possibilities until they are joined by another thought form of the same frequency vibration.  The observation takes place by the individual 'thinkers' who literally create thought springing forth from the unbounded whole of no form - no-thing-ness.  Once the thought form is observed by the 'thinker' it pulls this thought further into the realm of creation by the act of thinking the same thought or similar thought over and over again.
  • When you look at this act of thinking a thought form which can be shared by many people at once, it will create a greater cloud of energy in the state of possibility until there is enough energy behind the thought form for it to drop into the state of matter from the quantum state of its smallest expression into a larger and grander expression of the thought form into 'action'.  Therefore the thought moves from the smallest expression in its smallest quantum state to its grandest expression of itself in the result of a visible action - the movement of matter. This is how thought manifests matter - as a matter of importance here we wish to point out that collective thought can either spring forth from the first created moment into a thought form representing fear or representing love.  The collective balance of these thought forms in the cosmos and beyond simultaneously affects every single atom and every single miniscule quantum state which exists everywhere all at once.
  • The collective consciousness or the Akashic field is being updated every second of every moment of every day of every month and every year.  So the collective thought clouds which exist as possibilities until they are observed to bring them into the world of visible form is being changed all of the time.  Predicting the future therefore can only ever exist as a set of possibilities.  It very much depends on who and how many people are thinking or 'observing' the same thoughts at any one time.
  • So the prediction that the world will end in a week's time will be based on the probable calculation of how many people are thinking that at the moment the prediction was made.  The probability of that would change the next day depending on how many people had changed their minds about that idea of the universe.
  • This is how the power of prayer works. The more people you have 'thinking' the same thing - in this case a prayer, or an intention, or a hope, or a belief for the situation or person that they are praying about, will be affected by that collective cloud of thoughts sticking together to bring possibility from its smallest quantum state down into a visible change of matter to affect the situation or person.
  • The universal or collective consciousness the Akashic field does not judge whether the thoughts in the form of the prayer are going to be for the good or the bad of the receiver.  The collective consciousness does not decide that for you - you do, or rather the collective group of individual thinkers do.  It is you who is making the change, not anything or anybody else outside of you.
  • In quantum mechanics this is known as the 'entanglement theory'.  It basically means that you cannot look at one theory without it becoming tangled up in another.  It can become quite exhausting for the scientists to keep this idea of separation going forever, because eventually they get tangled up in another theory.  The reason for this is the scientists believe that everything is separate and then they try to see how they join up.  They have gotten the premise of their basic 'thinking' incorrect.
  • The holographic model as proposed by David Bohm is the correct model with everyone else trying to catch up with this massive paradigm shift into realising that everything is part of the whole because it sprang forth from the no-thingness of the unbounded whole.  In that way nothing can be separate from another.  Everything exists within the unbounded whole.  It is the difference from viewing the unbounded whole as a blank sheet of paper with everything which is created described on the blank piece of paper, and saying that we are observing everything that is on the blank piece of paper which is part of the whole.  You cannot be 'outside' observing because by the nature that you exist you are contained within the whole.
  • The quantum world is obsessed with trying to get down to the smallest particle that they can observe.  This has at present reached the zero point energy field and the quantum vacuum which is a state of matter found in the universe, or rather it is a state of space-time that is free of known matter and energy; the state itself is called a Zero Point Field.  Essentially, it's a condition wherein all matter, all particles of matter - any matter, and energy are removed from an area of space by whatever mechanism, leaving what should be a pure vacuum, an area of space that is truly empty.  Physicists are able to create such Zero Point Fields (ZPF), they do so to create experimental conditions suitable for testing various theories in quantum mechanics, but a funny thing happens in a ZPF, where there should be nothing - there is something.  Mysterious and unidentified energies permeate such Zero Point Fields, and they interact with a known but equally mysterious form of matter called virtual particles.
  • The quantum vacuum holds all the possibility from which all creation springs forth from.  Just because the scientists at present cannot go beyond this quantum state of no-thing-ness does not mean that it contains nothing.  We are clearly telling you that this nothing is the whole - it is the unbounded whole that every single thing in the world of form springs forth from.
  • So how logically can it be nothing ?  It is like holding a jar of pure potential in a jar that looks empty but a few days later a small mould grows and you say "how can that be possible?" where did that come from in such an empty space ?  In days gone by the scientists were not able to understand where this mould could have come from because at that time they could not 'see' or observe the minutiae of the quantum world.  Now the scientists have got a long way down into the observation of the quantum mechanical world and the quantum vacuum which still looks empty but in time to come to the understanding that the empty space of nothing is really everything just waiting to happen will change the way the scientific world will view everything.  It will turn the scientific world on its head.  It will not know which way is up and which way is down.  It will challenge the very fabric of every single theory that has been written about so far. There will be a period of unrest as the scientific world has to re-think every thought it ever had about the reality that they have been trying to describe and observe for so long.
  • World Change and the quantum experience :
    The world change is upon us.  There are many eminent scientists who are talking about the multi-dimensional universe. This is a fact that has not escaped the scientific world.  They must acknowledge the existence of several other universes existing all at once - or to put it another way, all existing here right now in this time and space.  That is acknowledged this way so that for those of you who do not understand the scientific mind you will have to trust me in telling you that when you move out of the earth's magnetic field which activates the gravitational pull (link to where science has arrived so far) you will find that time does not exist.  Yes, that is correct, time does not exist out in space.  So what does this tell us ?
  • Well it tells us that all the different dimensional corridors exist literally next to each other - almost if you like in parallel corridors.  So you could imagine yourself in one corridor with a door leading on to another corridor with a door leading to another corridor and so on until you had travelled through time and space to another dimensional existence which is happening right now.  So what we are saying is that it would be possible to travel into these other corridors of parallel existence if you knew where the doorways were.  Now this is where we come onto a very interesting aspect of our work here on earth because it is to explain to you what these 'doorways' are so that you can recognize one when you look down your corridor of existence.  To the naked eye it just looks like a fixed and solid wall. However if you fully understand the quantum physical world you will realize that nothing is solid anyway and so therefore there must be a simple 'portal' or doorway into the other existences.  You see if you really start to believe that there are other existences then you can follow some simple rules, which are incidentally the Universal Laws of the Energy Universe, and then you can just walk right through the solid wall.
  • So now this conversation could start to get interesting when you know that it is entirely possible now to find these doorways or 'portals' as we like to call them and which help you to walk through into what we would like to call the 'unbounded whole'.  The unbounded whole is the place of pure potential from which all existence springs forth from.  It is what has been observed in the vacuum state the quantum vacuum.  It is the space which exists beyond the zero point energy field, because within this field of no-thing exists everything.  The everything has not been expressed as yet.  So it is creation waiting to happen.  It is the ying and the yang.  It is the light and the dark.  It is the night and the day.  It is the everything just before it started to express form.
  • World Consciousness created by thought :
    The world today is gathering in pace.  It is as if time has speeded up.  The scientists are telling us that the ice sheet which has protected the north and south poles of the axis of the planet are melting faster than has ever been recorded.  It has been argued that this could be as a result of normal earth changes and that this has all happened before.  There have been other ice-ages when large areas of ice have melted and the oceans have risen and the lands have been flooded and continents have changed and moved with the tectonic plates.  So what might these recent changes bring about as a result of the changing planet ?
  • Well firstly we want to dispel any idea that any change is by accident and that no-one is accountable in the sense that this most recent earth shift is just as a result of natural and progressional earth development - expansion and contraction. We are all connected to everything all of the time so every thought and action therefore has a consequence. If you think of the Christmas movie Scrouge, where he is shown the consequence of his actions in the past, present and future.  That movie was brought to earth so that you could understand the 'consequence of your thoughts' and how the outcomes from these thoughts turn into actions and how those actions become your reality.  The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future wanted to show Scrouge that he did have a choice in the matter of his own life and destiny.
  • So to use this analogy we shall try to explain the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  The fact that you have a thought about something will activate the process of creation as we have already discussed earlier.  Your thought being a created thing will spring forth from the unbounded whole.  That unbounded whole is within your internal universe 'your body'. Each thought is created by your mind but the seed of the thought has arisen from the no-thingness, the unbounded whole which is contained within every electrical impulse which is a thought form. It will have sprung forth from the unbounded whole or the no-thing which is contained within the smallest quantum wave particle which was created from the unbounded whole which exists beyond the zero point energy field. Not only is this thought personal to you in the sense that your brain gave birth to it but that it is also joined with every other thought that ever was or ever will be because it has been created from the unbounded whole.
  • Once the thought impulse has been 'birthed' it floats up into your conscious mind where you 'think' it as a thought.  As soon as you think the thought it re-merges with the unbounded whole out with the universe which is your body.  It re-merges with the ether.  It floates out of you like a wave vibration and it clusters into clouds of thought forms which resonate at the same frequency as it does.  So if you imagine that you have a thought which resonates like this "I hate the idea of going to work today", and there are five thousand people who have a similar thought at the same time on Monday morning as everyone goes to get out of bed to get ready to go to work.  It will send up a cloud of thought with a similar wave vibration up into the ether where it will join larger and larger clouds of thought forms which start to develop a consciousness which will affect the outcome of matter in the world.
  • So imagine that this is a scenario. Five thousand people have the same thought form at 7am in the morning of "I do not want to go to work this morning".  This all floats up into the ether and forms a cloud of consciousness which has a fairly low frequency wave energy.  Then there are several more thousand that got into their car and got on the same highway who had the thought "looks like the traffic is building up and I am going to be late for work".  So this floats up into the ether and forms another cloud of consciousness.  It starts to stick with the earlier cloud of consciousness because it has the same wave frequency.  Then another three thousand have the thought "I am now late for work for sure - this stupid traffic jam". This floats up and creates another cloud of consciousness with a slightly denser wave frequency.  These three clouds of collective thinking start to stick together to give rise to an articulated lorry driver who hates Monday mornings, does not want to go to work this morning and who takes his eye off the road for a second and skids across the highway causing a massive car accident with many of the people who had been thinking the collective thoughts which manifested in matter in their lives.  Many of these people were rushed to hospital, some died, and some narrowly missed the pile-up - those who missed the pile up had only created the thought "looks like I am now late for work for sure - this stupid traffic jam".
  • So although this is a clumsy attempt to explain how thought interacts with matter - what we are trying to say is that because everything is created from the no-thing of the unbounded whole - we are always inextricably tangled up together through the smallest quantum particles contained in wave patterns and beyond.
  • So to imagine a world that we have not had an impact on is sheer nonsense.  We do have to be accountable for every thought that we have and every action that we take.  Indeed as you say "actions speak louder than words" or very importantly "be careful what you wish for - it must just come true".