• The Magic Carpet into The New Earth

  • In this transcript we want to make it clear to all who are reading this material that we The Light Ones are here only to guide you. We cannot make the transition to The New Earth for you. Only YOU can do that. However we want to teach you the new language required for the New Wave of consciousness. We are going to explain the core shifts which need to happen for mankind to resonate with the earth changes and movement of the tectonic plates.

  • We are herein creating for you the New Wave language. This will help you to understand the language of the Star Seed Soul Group.

  • Earth changes : movement of the tectonic plates will create changes in the physical look and shape of the earth.

  • New Earth : this is the new consciousness brought into physical manifestation by the Star Seed Soul Group and the many light workers here on earth at this time.

  • The New Earth Projects : these are the projects which will create The New Earth as listed on our website (Blueprint for the Projects)
  • Centres of Light : these are centers which are teaching the New Wave consciousness. Here you will receive guidance on how to connect with your inner being of light and how to rise above the density of your developed personality structure which keeps you separate from the higher resonance flow which is sweeping across the globe. These centres will teach you how to awaken and to open to this incoming flow which is creating The New Earth.
  • Portals of Light : these have existed for many millions of years on the earth's surface created for this time now when the New Earth will be re-born. The Portals of Light are simply energetic connections between the higher frequency realms of light and the denser energy of earth. They are scientifically described as 'wormholes between dimensional spaces'. They allow for the stretching and bending of time. They also allow for the express purpose of time travel between dimensional existences to be transported with ease. The guardians of these Light Portals are the Star Seed Soul Group.
  • New Wave : this relates to the wave energy which exists just above the zero point energy field and is the first known manifested quantum state of form. This is a fundamental building block of the world of form. The new incoming energy is transmitted in wave form to create the New Wave of higher vibrational consciousness.
  • Sound Code : this is the 528hz code being sounded now across the cosmos to wake up the Star Seed Soul group to their individual missions on earth. This code can be audibly heard in deep states of meditation and is also loaded on this website so that you can tune into it as you connect with the information held therein.
  • Resonance : the resonance of everything exists above the zero point energy field and is built up from the smallest quantifiable state of form. All these minute pieces of energy resonate together to create the resonance associated with that form. i.e. a chair has a certain resonance, the earth has a certain resonance, each human form has a certain resonance and so forth.
  • Entrainment : this is the process of how two or more frequencies which are resonating at different frequencies will automatically entrain to the highest frequency. This is often witnessed in nature by frogs croaking at different times and at different frequencies to eventually croaking at the same time with the highest resonante croaking frog. Also when two pendulum clocks are placed on the same wall they will entrain to chiming at the same time with the pendulums swinging together.
  • Amplification : when you have two or more people together who have a similar resonance this increases the force of this vibrational energy. The more of you in one place at the same time doing or thinking the same things will amplify that resonance. So if you have several people together in a negative resonance they will feed off each other and the feeling of negativity becomes amplified. On the other side of the coin if you have several people in prayer or doing healing work or thinking positive thoughts the resonance of positivity becomes amplified.
  • The Law of One : This will be the basis for the new law of the New Earth. Since there will be a mass wakeup to the collective conscious memory of oneness there will be a complete understanding that everything is for the good of the whole. Therefore if anyone or anything is done which is not supportive of the collective conscious experience then all will suffer. In this way all separation will drop away. The Star Seed Soul Project Groups will all be birthed into this consciousness model here on earth.
  • The new Financial Structure for the Law of One : This new structure will start to be birthed during the last stages before the earth shift takes place. The New Earth projects will reflect the consciousness of the Law of One Financial Structure in the way that they will share and disperse money for the development and expansion of their projects. The money generated by project Leaders will be manifested to develop different aspects of their project. As excess money is manifested this will be shared down into the Project structure to those who want to share the vision of The New Earth through further projects. The wave will ripple down to all parts of the organizational structure to ensure that funds are available for rapid expansion and development of The New Earth Projects.
  • Scientific Project : To create the new clean, free and abundant energy source: this will be as a result of the merging of scientific thinking and spiritual thinking. Once the scientific world are able to embrace an integral theory of everything which will include consciousness then the world will make a massive leap in the consciousness of mankind. This will enable the Akashic Field to be accessed to obtain the blueprints for the creation of the new clean free and abundant energy source.
  • The holographic world model : this image of the way the universe is structured and works is a model favoured by David Bohm the quantum theorist and scientist. It describes how everything is happening right now and is all connected. It shows how every thought every cell and every person is affected all the time by what each individual is doing and thinking and how that is constantly uploaded to the collective consciousness held in the Akashic Field.
  • The zero point energy field : this is the imaginary line which represents the division between the phenomenal world of created things and the no-thing from which they were created. Above is the infinity of creation and below the unbounded abode with no boundaries. The zero point field or quantum state is the lowest energy state of a particle or object. Above this imaginary line creation springs forth into the wave form, followed by the subatomic particles, the atom, the molecule and finally the form that you and I accept as solid objects such as a chair, a table and the human body. All form springs forth from below this zero point field the unbounded whole.
  • The vacuum state : a controlled state within the zero point energy field which scientifically has no energy in it. However, this empty state can express an unseen energetic when it is being observed. This suggests that this 'empty space' is not really empty at all and that it may have an unseen intelligence within its zero point field.
  • The Akashic Field of collective consciousness : is the enduring memory of the universe it holds the record of all that has happened on earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen. It is a real phenomenon and everything gets uploaded to this field all the time, every day, every night, every thought and every deed. This has been uploading since time began. It is rather like Google on earth which records your every search and every key word.
  • The teachings hereinafter this time and space will be conducted in a discourse containing the new language of The New Earth movement.
  • The magic carpet effect : This will happen as you align with the incoming pulse of higher frequency resonance energy. The key teachings on how to master this new wave movement is to feel the areas which are in resistance to the creation of The New Earth resonance. If you stay conscious enough you will notice if you are flowing or you are in resistance to what is showing up in your day-to-day life. Therefore each time you notice the resistance to what is and you allow yourself to work through it, you will be aligning with that incoming energy and you will automatically shift into a higher resonance
  • However, if you resist against it (the flow) and feel yourself going into a struggle you will lose resonance. Simply make it your moment to moment goal to notice your resistance in all forms to when it shows up. Resistance to getting up - just get up. Resistance to following your inner guidance or gut feelings - just try to tune into them and go with them whatever they are.
  • Resistance to performing a particular task: washing up, cleaning the house, cooking a meal or whatever it is; just do it as willingly and as joyously as you can. So the job at hand is to transmute all resistance to what is to that of acceptance. Be conscious about the resistance and move through it.
  • The other key teaching is to joyously enjoy your life - just decide to enjoy it. If you truly believe that earth will irrevocably change forever perhaps you will stop to look at the beauty of the sunset, the twinkling of the stars, the magnificence of a cold frosty morning when all is crystalline and white, the changing colours of the trees, the deepness of blue in the sky and the feeling of the sweet tickling as the rain starts to tumble down your face. These are a few of the millions of small joys of the heart in each passing moment that maybe you are too busy to notice when you are locked in your mind making you blind to joy and happiness happening all around you.
  • The most important teaching is to simply be aware that you are part of The New Wave. You are an important and integral part of the new cloth that we are about to weave together. Everything about you is important; every cell, every thought, every belief and every action you take. Commit in these months to come that every one of your thoughts, beliefs and actions will be aligned with The New Wave consciousness which will affect the intensity of the earth changes. Your positive thoughts about acceptance and higher resonance consciousness will change and amplify the ease of the transition to The New Earth for all of us.