• About Us - The Light Ones

  • We are a 'collective' of 'light beings' who inhabit the realms of light. We operate on a high frequency wave pattern and as such are not visible to those who normally 'see' spirit.  Although we ourselves are not attached to the physical realms of being we are able to influence the lives of those people who choose to develop their abilities which enable them to 'see', 'speak' and 'hear' spirit.  We are a 'collective consciousness' which means that we are a collective of energy beings who are 'like minded' and as such we merge to work as 'one being'.  We are here to bring forth information from the higher realms of progression and expansion beyond the normal reach of those who inhabit the physical realms of being.  In the realms of spirit we hold the truth of all existence and what you may read in the following pages may challenge some of what you believe to be true.  We are well aware that much of present day thinking is based on the idea of a deity or God who is both loving and vengeful.  There are Gods who are worshipped for their power and people who live in fear of their displeasure.  We find this a primitive form of understanding of the truth which exists within the realms of spirit.  We are not aware at any time of any other 'being' which is more powerful than 'your self'.  You are the point of power, not something which exists outside of you. Click here for a further discourse on this subject  We know of the belief which exists amongst those of you who worship the idea of life never-ending, a life continued forever in the realms of heaven. How does this fit with those who believe in re-incarnation and life forever returning to the physical realms of existence?

  • What we will inform you of during these pages before you is a world where both the 'physical' and the 'non-physical' exist together. We are not separate and we are life forever eternal. We go on 'living' and 'living'. We are not 'living' and then we are 'dead'. We are always 'living' and 'living'. In 'our' reality we are never 'dead'. We are always and eternally 'living'.  This may be a difficult conundrum.  It may be beyond what some of you can perceive, however it is the truth.  We are here only to bring the truth to you as we experience it.  First and foremost we are spirit, and at different times within our eternal life we choose to come into the physical realms of existence to experience 'life' in a physical body.  We are therefore 'alive' before, during and after this experience of 'physical life'. We are never therefore 'dead'. Our consciousness and our expansiveness live on in other realms of existence until we are ready to 're-incarnate' again into the 'physical realms'.  At some point within the cycle of birth, death and re-birth we choose not to come back into the physical realms of existence.  We are if you like 'the grandest version of ourselves' and we therefore choose that life in a physical body will no longer serve us.  We have if you like, expanded our consciousness to be full of light to become 'enlightened'.  This then is our journey on earth to experience all aspects of 'being' in a human form and to finally allow ourselves to be returned to the all eternal and all loving realms of spirit - the non-physical realms of existence.

  • We look forward to our discourse with you.
  • With love and light 'The Light Ones'

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