• Letting go of the old ways to embrace the new paradigm shift

  • The balance of 'group think' which we call the collective consciousness on earth is manifesting a world end. If left to continue on this path of destruction with wars, polluting the planet, destroying the natural balance of fauna and flora, destroying the natural habitat of the animal kingdom and gobbling up the world energy resources, 'the take, take, take mentality'; then certainly we would destroy the life giving force of our planet.

  • However, this ending does not mean that the planet earth herself will end. It simply means that a cycle of cosmic consciousness is completing. This completion of this cycle will inevitably give way to the new, and this is also being seen across the globe. It is if you like the pulling forces of the 'old ways' of thinking and the 'new ways' of thinking, pulling everything and everybody into a new paradigm, where we will live on earth in a more loving and conscious way.
  • There are many now who are waking up and working towards a more 'enlightened' view of the future. These individuals follow a more conscious pathway and as such they are able to lift out of the 'small mind' view and receive enlightened messages which are encouraging a paradigm shift into the New Earth era. This is heralding in a new cosmic cycle.

  • However, the balance of 'group think' is still manifesting wars, conflict, discord and disharmony on Earth right now.

  • So you can of course engage with a view that there will be a world ending and that this will have catastrophic effects on mankind. Or, you can engage with the Second Coming and the new age and era of consciousness which will follow. You can choose which set of events to align your energy with.

  • If you focus your energy on the here and now and work on accepting 'what is', this will prepare you for the events to come. Developing the feelings of peace and acceptance rather than struggle and resistance will allow you to rise above any discord as it unfolds. Learning to accept 'what is' requires a deeper acceptance of the connectivity of all things. That thought forms really do create clouds of energy and that the collective group think which is in operation at present is creating our day to day existence on a collective level. This means that every single thought that you have connects with other thoughts of the same resonance and so forth. So when you are in resistance and you go into fear you are joining in with the energy vibrations which are creating this discord. If on the other hand you can learn to be still in the face of discord and disharmony you will be collectively aligning with creating harmony and balance on this planet.
  • So by accepting what will come, as this is already made manifest by the 'collective group thinking', and is energetically in operation at present, then you will not be adding any more negative energy to this collective group consciousness. We ask you to learn to focus your energy on the possibility of peace and harmony which will have you align with a new more positive 'collective group thinking', and with all those who hold the vision for a better, more loving and more conscious planet.
  • When the lower resonant energies materialize in the physical world creating discord you can, in this event, choose to panic, to become fearful, or believe that apocalypse is close. However, when destabilizing events materialize, if you just accept 'what is' you will find that a deep meditation will arise within you. You will gain insights and understanding amidst the chaos.
  • Those who receive and put into practice the teachings on surrender and the art of accepting 'what is' will rise energetically above the chaos. Those who give way to fear will energetically fall into and get caught up with the drama of the reality unfolding before them and therefore may not survive.
  • For help with accepting 'what is', we recommend chapter 10 "The Meaning of Surrender" in Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now.
  • You could spend your time preparing and warning others of what is to come. However many will not listen, and you will be unconsciously aligning your energy with an 'already created outcome'. This will unconsciously move you into resistance to this unfolding event.
  • We ask that you be aware and be present to 'what is' right now, to offer no resistance to 'what is' and to practice total acceptance. In this way when the time comes, when others are in panic you will be still. In this stillness will come answers and gateways for you to follow, and when you walk through these gateways it will be as if a thousand doors will open for you and your path to safe passage will be assured.
  • Trust in your path. Practice surrender to 'what is' and be present to that. If you fail at the first hurdle, then practice surrender to what you are feeling and pay attention to your emotional response to 'what is'. Just learn to be with whatever you are experiencing in 'response' to every situation.
  • When we can become acutely present we feel a stillness and calmness. This place of stillness and calmness will be where you will hear the voice of reason who will tell you what to do. By following this guidance you will naturally be guided on a higher path.
  • There are many Spiritual teachers past and present who are teaching the new ways (which are also the old ways passed down the lineage as spiritual knowledge). Please seek teachings that resonate with you and start to practice in your daily life the art of stilling the mind, clearing away the old and accepting 'what is'. Learn to be peaceful and let all fear drop away. Finally, if there is a desire in you to follow your heart and your passion, go forward and trust that this new way is what is required of you right now. Do not worry that you will fall away from the crowd - the humble will be ready to stand away from the crowd and follow their deep resonating truth.