The Key Messages we want you to take from this website

  • That Science and Spirituality are saying the same thing if you can speak to them through the model of the Holographic Model of the Universe.

  • That there is an Akashic Field of knowledge which is literally imprinted into the fabric of the building blocks of our universe. This is scientifically represented by the work being done on understanding the nature of black holes and which is also represented by the Holographic Model of the Universe.

  • That it is possible right now to 'download' information from the Akashic Field of knowledge and that if trained scientists could be opened to this possibility they would be highly motivated to learn the art of 'inner silence' where you can slip through the portal into this 'knowledge field' and come out with ground breaking approaches to some of the worlds leading questions for the continuum and survival of mankind on earth.

  • That mankind itself is at a critical turning point and that each one of us has the potential to self realise our full potential by learning to open up to the possibility that we are all powerful and that by learning to still the mind and gain access to the truths of our own existence would reveal that we are all part of a much bigger plan for the universe and those who inhabit her planets.

  • That we are about to experience a huge shift in universal consciousness which will see all our systems change and fall as they will need to give way to The New Earth consciousness which is being beamed across the cosmos right now.

  • That it would be possible right now to implement a strategy of NO WAR if each and every one of us realised that we were all one consciousness and that war in any shape or form is pointless. This is of course a much expanded conscious view of the continuation of mankind.
  • That there are a key group of souls who have incarnated on earth and beyond at this time to assist the planet earths ascension into a higher dimensional frequency pattern that we will describe here as moving from a 3rd dimensional experience into a 5th dimensional experience.
  • That this soul group known as The Star Seed Souls will start to emerge now onto the world stage to lead and guide those of you who are still under the influence of the old 3rd dimensional existence. The Star Seed Souls will be operating at a 5th dimensional resonance and so will be challenging the systems in place now to help them shift to the new paradigm of The New Earth resonance.
  • That above all, all fear which fuels the separation and 'me, me, me' culture will end in one pure moment of the realisation that the human race must pull together to survive the earth changes and beyond and which will change the history of mankind.
  • The following is an addition written by Ceres :
    "That an 'ending' is foretold, often referred to as Armageddon.  Certain religions speak of it from the manmade and 'smaller mind' view that 'judgment' will be served on humanity, keeping followers separate from all they are connected to and part of. Universal truth is that we are all connected as one to each other, to nature, to the Universe and to Source (our loving Creator and Divine God).  Through unconscious behavior and the perception of separateness, mankind is destroying the delicate balance that sustains human life on Earth, and is allowing dark energies to dominate in return for the illusion of personal power.  Soul Seeds, tasked with ensuring a new consciousness, are higher vibrations whose purpose is to redirect the destructive course of mankind, transmuting separateness into connectedness, and preparing the way for the return of the Christ energy to planet Earth, through love and compassion. 'Armageddon' is the ending of the illusion of separateness and the heralding in of a new era of certain knowledge that we are all One.
  • Those who have lost their way may take hope and gain awareness of the God-Force that is latent and manifested within themselves, and understand the connectedness of all".