• The Holographic Model of the Universe

    • The New Earth Consciousness will be formed on the holographic model of the Universe. It will be an Integral Theory of Everything. This will be the breakthrough in science which will lead the rest of the world to this new understanding that we are indeed all one.

      We, The Light Ones, want to open a conversation with you about the leading day scientists who are seeking to understand 'The theory of everything'.  The importance of this enquiry is not to be underestimated in the new shift in consciousness and our truth that we live in a holographic universe where everything is uploaded the instant we think about it. That everything is interconnected in a way that hitherto was not understood on earth.  This shift in science to the holographic universe model will be the most important underlying change in perspective and will allow all other 'systems' of belief to remain intact.

    • We want to explain in more detail how the holographic model of the world as proposed by scientist and philosopher David Bohm, the String Theory and work on black holes
    • (Text for this video) and the Akashic Field as proposed by Ervin Laslo, philosopher and scientist,
      are the closest representation of our experience of 'truth' in scientific understanding right now.  The scientific world must enquire further into the connection between science and consciousness and what the nature of consciousness really means.  The holographic model of the world enables science to embrace consciousness, memory, and oneness into their complex mathematical formulas without upsetting the laws of the universe as they are presently understood.