• The Merging of Science and Consciousness - 'An Integral Theory of Everything'

  • This website enquiry is not intended to be a pure scientific view.  It is intended to bring a summary of present day thinking from each of the key 'stakeholder' groups, and those who bridge more than one 'discipline', to look at how these diverse ways of trying to understand 'an integral theory of everything' - the human existence on earth, both in terms of the micro and the macro experience, will assist the transition to The New Earth and the new consciousness.

  • There has to be a paradigm shift of quantum dimensions in order for the human civilization to survive.  Science leads the way for change in this dimensional existence, therefore the paradigm shift in consciousness will be led by the scientific world.  The creation of a truly integrated theory of everything which would include consciousness would need to be the basis of this new understanding. At present it seems that the scientific world is moving forward with the idea that the whole cosmos and beyond could be represented by the model of the holographic universe.  For that to become a more common basis for the scientific community they would need to be introduced to deep states of meditation so that they could experience this for themselves.  Once this has taken place the quantum leap in mankind can happen.

  • This breakthrough will teach the world yet again how to create a clean and free energy source to help save the planet from its present course of destruction and separation. This will be but one of the New Earth Projects as this truth permeates all disciplines of life so will the penny begin to drop.  There is no need to struggle. Struggle is an illusion of separateness and with the embrace of wholeness will come the flow of abundance in all things.

  • Therefore we want to represent here the idea that we live in a 'holographic' universe where everything is connected all of the time now and ever was and ever will be. That there is a collective consciousness known as the Akashic Field which is only one infinitesimal part of the super highway of knowledge connections which exist in the ether.  That there are people who can transcend the limitations of the mind and are able to access the unlimited abode which could be likened to the unbounded whole that David Bohm talked of and believed in.

  • The Present Day View of the Collective Disciplines of Science/Medicine/
    Philosophy/Religion/Spirituality and Where They 'fit' into the Holographic Model of the World as Proposed by Scientist and Philosopher David Bohm

  • The world view of science at present spans the hardened and narrow views of the ultra specialist through to the theoretical science of quantum physics and quantum mechanics.  However the flaw here is that they are based on the view of separation and that there has to be an observer and an observed.  This premise is wrong.  There is a whole where entanglement is inevitable and where connectivity is the underbelly of the reality of the physical (manifested) and non-physical (un-manifested) world.  Or put another way the manifest world above the zero point energy field is what the scientists can see and observe and the world below the zero point energy field or the unmanifest world is what the scientists cannot 'see' and therefore does not exist. However it is what the scientists cannot 'see' which is informing the whole of the manifest world above the zero point energy field.  This is the part if you like which is the unseen glue which sits in-between every particle and wave of every quantum manifested state in existence right now and ever was and ever will be.  Everything exists in the non-quantifiable state below the zero point energy field.  It is the unbounded whole that all creation springs forth from; it is the background intelligence in which all manifested existence exists.

  • In Plato's Allegory of the cave human beings live confined and restricted in a subterranean cave which has a mouth open at one end to the light outside.  The human occupants of this cave have been there since childhood and are shackled in such a way that there heads are immobile, with there gaze constantly fixed on the back of the cave, opposite the opening, upon which are projected shadows. Knowing no different, the constrained humans take the shadows on the cave wall to be reality.  Some of the cave dwellers, being of a scientific disposition, spend their whole lives studying the movement of the shadows, recognising regularities and patterns, speculating as to their origins. Some shadows exhibit such regularity that laws of shadow behaviour are developed. So hypnotised by the shadow play are these cave dwellers that they little suspect the reason for there being any shadows at all is due to the light - that non of them have ever directly seen - coming from the mouth of the cave.
    (this text comes from the book review, see link below)

  • SCIENTISTS who are bridging from the old paradigm to the new model - the holographic universe :

For those who want a more in-depth scientific description of the holographic model of the universe :

  • The New Earth Science Project
    • The world view of medicine is that the body gets sick and that the sick part needs to be fixed.  It is seen as a body of separate parts.  There is no acknowledgement of the 'body intelligence' in mainstream medicine.  At the frontiers of medicine you have such people as Deepak Chopra who is straddling the two worlds of main stream medicine and scientific understanding of the body intelligence overlaid with a deep understanding of the age old gurus of time who espouse the idea of an unseen intelligence at work within the macro and the micro worlds.  His presentations are compelling and his scientific knowledge of what is actually going on within the body in connection with the emotional response to the physical world is spot on.  He is lacking in his ability to convince the scientific community that an 'unbounded' whole actually exists.  The jump from his professional standing as a Doctor into the world of the spiritual sage who believes that we are all one and that oneness expresses itself through consciousness is too far a leap without 'physical evidence'. However he is much closer now to expressing this concept 'within-the-body' than 'out-with-the-body'.  The macro and the micro world of how consciousness expresses itself - there is a huge barrier to overcome without hard evidence of what is meant by consciousness.

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    • Scientists show your thoughts can change your genes

      Here Dr Bruce Lipton discusses DNA and show how our ideas of the dominance of genetics led to a complete misunderstanding as to how we work :

    • The world view in philosophy is still trying to understand the concept of the role of the mind and consciousness.  Can one exist without the other?  Is there a self which exists which is separate from the identifiable personality.  When one says I want to be with my-self - which self are they talking about - are there two of you? Your true self 'or witnessing consciouness' and your other self - the ego 'your personality'?  This again has not been proven and is still up for debate.  There is much overlap in this discipline into the world of spirituality and the idea that we identify with a greater self or deity to help us with the idea of our separateness in the human condition of the mind.  We find ourselves separate and so we like to invent the idea of unity by clinging on to a god or idea of unity to soothe our apparent aloneness.  The premise for all this teaching is missing one vital ingredient - we are not alone and never can be because we are all of the same essence and always interconnected and entangled by nature of our quantum and molecular building blocks. We all spring from the unbounded whole. Everything manifest and most certainly our minds and thoughts which are manifest 'things' spring forth from the space which exists beneath the zero point energy field. Everything which is a manifest thing comes from the place of the unbounded whole.

    • PHILOSOPHERS - Ervin Laslo, philosopher and scientist,
    • The world view of religion is that there are many gods who are mainly parental in nature.  He/she sits in judgement of his/her children and is able to forgive them when they have trespassed away from the dictated doctrine of behaviour of that particular religion.  Religion will never invite their followers to have a direct experience of god, they invite you to read the doctrine and to follow what has been written as the pathway to love and redemption with their creator.  This religious view predisposes that we are separate from each other and separate from god.  This view is incorrect.  The answer lies in the unbounded whole.  We are all interconnected all of the time.  We are never separate.  Each of us is infused with the building blocks which have sprung forth from the unbounded whole.  Each of us is a microcosm of magnificence.  90% of every smallest quantum particle within you is entangled with everyone else and everything else.  That is why your mind can manipulate matter - we are all one.  The god that we are talking about is the unseen intelligence which exists within the unbounded whole.

    • RELIGIONS - Neale Donald Walsch

    • The world view of spirituality is one of changing the self.  To learn to drop the false self the ego to allow your naturally loving and compassionate self to re-emerge. The main tool for this awakening is through the art of no-mind in meditation and practising states of awareness.  During moments of being completely present a wakefulness arises and an all knowing knowledge of oneness arrives in your consciousness.  The realisation that there is an unbounded whole within which we all exist is such a relief that all fear and thoughts of separation start to drop away to reveal your true nature of trust and love.  Naturally you start to want to heal the separation which exists in man.  You may also develop the ability to access the information held within the Akashic Field 'the ether' and return with information on any subject you wish to ask about.  If your path is to be a healer you will return with insights on how to do that.  If you are a quantum physicist you may return with information on how to create a life saving breakthrough on clean and free energy.  If you are a teacher you will feel the urge to teach your new found knowledge and so forth and so on.  The world view on spirituality is in alignment with the truth of the holographic world - we are all one - all separation is an illusion.
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    • SPIRITUAL GURUS (modern day :Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch (and too many to list) and ancient wisdom Buddha, Jesus, Tao etc)