• During the earth changes the centres of light will be protected.  These will then become the new schools of light teaching the new ways of living consciously on earth following the earth changes.  Some are already well established and have been actively teaching about conscious living for several years.  Others are just emerging as more and more people are awakening to their Life's Purpose.  Many are being drawn to teach what they have learnt so far, and of course some are further along that path and are teaching what they have learnt from their teachers.  Seek out a teacher who resonates with you.  Always try to seek the original source of the teachings so that in that way you can reach the teacher behind the teacher.  You should notice how the teacher lives their own life and whether they put into practise what they teach.  If their energy is still too dense as they are not clear enough in their own journey of clearing out the old, then you will not make the transformation shift that you may be seeking.  The closer you can reach to the original source of the teachings the more powerful will be their transformative effects on you.  You may want to question the teacher as to what influenced them to start to teach.  If they are vibrant with passion and aglow with the truth of what they want to share - then this can be considered a luminosity of wave vibration that will simply awaken you by exposing yourself to this resonance. Your energy will naturally entrain with the higher frequency energy which is being transmitted in wave form from the teacher him/her self.  So feel your way to a teacher, do not think your way to a teacher. (link to page on website explaining in more detail Those who are here accessing The Akashic Field of knowledge)

  • During the earth changes those who are able to be still and to detach themselves from the physical reality that surrounds them will start to receive information that they will need to pay attention to and attune to.  You may liken this to following a 'gut feeling'.  The mind will immediately come in and want to question this interference from this alien source (the gut feeling).  The mind will feel threatened and will not want to give up control easily. However for those who have practised the art of presence and learning to still the mind they will know how to proceed.  You will start to have the urge to leave the comfort of your own homes and move to 'safe areas'.  You must at this point prepare to take with you the provisions that you have gathered for your own survival during the 'transition' phase. Again if you stay still enough you will feel drawn to the objects which you will need to take with you.
  • Moving into stillness :  Simply get very quiet with your breathing techniques, bringing awareness into the body, or awareness on your surroundings or whatever techniques you have been taught to move into stillness, then scan the room you are in to see what looks or feels attractive to you.  You will feel drawn to certain objects and it will be as if they develop a certain pull towards you.  They may appear more luminous or glowing or the colours may appear stronger just for that fleeting moment that you cast your eyes across them.  Do not ignore these 'gut feelings' gather these objects together and take them with you.  Repeat this exercise often as you move around your home and when you are out shopping. Simply act on your 'gut feelings' do not question them, just take the action the gut is urging you to follow.

  • Much of what we could write on this subject has been eloquently and thoroughly explained in Ekhart Tolle's book: A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose .  If you have not read, understood and started to put into practise what is explained in this book then we urge you to do so.

  • To discover where you are required to travel to again use the same method as described above. This time however just before going into your place of stillness ask the following question "please light my path and guide me to my safe haven".  As you slip into stillness while allowing the mind to wander wherever it wants to you will start to see a picture or a name or for some they will hear the spoken word. Practise this exercise often so that you can gain confirmation in the information that you are receiving to ensure that you have not allowed the interference of the mind.

  • This is simply practising the art of catching 'first thought' and noticing it as close as possible to when it leaves from the unbounded whole, embarking on its journey into a created thing 'a thought' and where it arrives in your consciousness - your mind.  As this 'first thought' gets closer and closer to the mind - the mind will want to interfere with the thought. The mind does not want you to follow your 'first thought' as it then loses power over you.  The first thought often gets missed unless you are able to bring your attention onto this process of birthing a thought. However, the gut will register this process as a 'gut feeling'.  So in this way you get a second chance to act on this guidance from the unbounded whole which carries with it the Akashic Field knowledge.  All creation springs forth from the unbounded whole - because we are all one we are not separate and we never can be seperate.
  • The grid of light and accessing The Akashic Field of knowledge
    As all the teaching centres become active following the earth changes the collective resonance and wave pattern created by the shift in conscious thought to a much higher resonance will collectively start to amplify this frequency.  The amplification of the higher resonance wave patterns will collectively create a grid of light which will beam this higher frequency out into the cosmos.
  • The higher frequency resonance wave pattern will automatically entrain the lower frequency resonance wave patterns which have been collected over many, many years of living unconsciously.  The entrainment of all frequencies will create a rapid shift and acceleration of the collective consciousness on earth.  This will have a dramatic effect on the consciousness of mankind and will start to create The New Earth paradigm shift.
  • As we are all one the paradigm shift on earth will instantly upload to the collective consciousness 'The Akashic Field of knowledge'.  This will automatically open up the access to the information highway 'The Akashic Field' and will accelerate the continuation of mankind.
  • Those who have already developed the abilities to access The Akashic Field of knowledge will be called upon to teach others how to bring this collective consciousness into their every day living. Those teachers who have been brought back to earth from previous incarnations this text may jog your memory when the Akashic Field was accessed as an integral way of life will be called upon to work with the New World Government to teach them the governance that will be required in the Holographic model of the world.