• Atlantis - The New Beginning

  • Star Seeds will have a memory of Atlantis The Fall of Atlantis
    The Atlantis heritage Michael Tellinger outlines new scientific work linked to the Adam's Calendar and possible oldest civilization.
  • The Star Seed Souls make up many individuals on earth at present who are here to lead the way for the others to follow.  Many of these Star Seed Souls have chosen to re-incarnate at this time to help with the paradigm shift in consciousness.  They are here to take the brunt of the resistance to change which is evident in our society today.  They have been planted in all walks of life and are not activated by the normal process of awakening that the rest of society will experience.  The Star Seed Souls have had a very steep curve of learning and will have experienced a sudden and possibly traumatic awakening to the role and purpose in this lifetime.  Some did not make it, some have fallen by the wayside, and some have grown strong and are active in their roles as leaders in the new conscious movement.

  • The Star Seeds have been chosen carefully from those who volunteered to return to earth at this time and they are all gifted with exceptional skills in explaining to those less clear than themselves what the earth changes will involve.  They are intellectually sharp and they are able to talk and present their ideas clearly and concisely.  They have all been activated at the time of writing this document.

  • Star Seeds have all received a very clear set of instructions on what they are here to do.  This would have been revealed to them at their awakening moment.  They would have had a flash of 'forward time' which would have shown the complexity of their task ahead.  Some did not cope with the sudden awakening and have been left traumatised and fearful.  Some have struggled with the difficulty of walking the two paths of consciousness at once. These paths involve being fully present in the 3 dimensional existence of form here on earth and also being able to transcend into the other dimensions of the unbounded whole.  The mastership of course was to be able to remain grounded and functional in the 3rd dimension whilst also remaining present to the unbounded whole.  This integrated task has required much discipline.
  • The Star Seeds are here to bring forth the information held within the Akashic Field of collective conscious to advance the soul pathway of mankind. The programme of work which has been undertaken by each of you has now reached a tipping point into the outward movement into the mainstream media which must now take place.  Each Star Seed will now be required to stand up and declare who they are and what their New Earth Project is.  In this way it is now time to connect up the Star Seed Souls so that they can form the basis for the New Wave of Consciousness which will become the building blocks of The New Earth.
  • If you are a Star Seed and you have been directed here to this page to read this you will have no doubt who you are because you will have a memory of a previous lifetime where you were the guardian of important knowledge.  This knowledge will also form the basis for the New Earth Project that you are here to deliver on and be a part of.  Many of you will have come from very advanced civilisations which will have already existed and who had advanced ways of living in harmony with the earth.  These civilizations have previously crashed and burned due to the 'transition' from one paradigm to another in consciousness. There were never enough Star Seed Souls to ensure that the transition from one level of consciousness to another went smoothly.
  • We are confident that this time around that we have sufficient numbers of Star Seed Souls who are active and awakened to ensure that there is a smooth transition in consciousness this time around.
  • There is a requirement now to connect the Star Seed Souls before the earth changes occur. This will enable the network to become established and the grid of light to be activated. We are going to add a facility on this website for you to declare yourself, your New Earth Project and your contact details so that a facilitated discussion can take place.
  • The knowledge for each of the New Earth Projects was disseminated between you all so that no one person could be active without another Star Seed Soul.  As each of you steps forward you will be the keepers of a piece of the New Earth puzzle.  Each piece of the puzzle will come together to deliver the knowledge that each keeper has stored and will form part of the whole picture which is yet to unfold and will be the basis for the New Earth.
  • The sharing of this knowledge will connect the Star Seed Souls which in turn will activate and create the grid of light across the earth.
  • Many of the Star Seed Souls have additional tasks.
    • Many have been asked to create centres of light where the New Wave Consciousness can be taught. Some of these centres are well established and some have yet to be fully opened.
    • Some are the guardians of the light portals which should all now have been activated.  These are the portals which exist to accelerate the wave light frequency between earth and the higher frequency dimensions of light. They are what the quantum physicists call 'Worm holes'.  They enable high frequency wave resonance to be beamed from one dimension to another.  This high frequency wave energy can cut through any density in the human condition and as such 'enlighten' the person who is receiving the beamed energy.  Only the guardians of the light portals have instructions on how to activate and use the Portals of light.
    • Some are here to demonstrate accelerated techniques for healing physical, emotional, spiritual and mental blockages.
    • Some are here to bridge the gaps between the key stakeholder groups and the holographic world.
    • Some are here to teach about sustainable living and farming.
    • Some are here to explain the new scientific advances and link them to the holographic world model.
    • And so forth, the Star Seed Souls are active in all walks of life.